Fun Stuff and Not So Fun Stuff

Like my hat? It's delicious!!

Look at me getting a boost!

Fun Things:

  1. I have learned how to push my little chair that Mummy painted for me for my birthday over to the gate to the kitchen.  When it is close enough, I step up onto the chair so I can look over into the kitchen without having to look through the gate anymore.  I am pleased as punch about this new skill.  Mummy and Daddy are just waiting until I figure out that I can throw my leg over and climb to the other side – YIKES!!
  2. Using the same logic as above, I now push my music table over to the couch so I can use the table to climb onto the couch.  Cool stuff!
  3. I am trying to do a lot of somersaults lately.  I will stop what I am doing, put my hands down, tuck my head and push forward with my bum in the air.  I can’t quite get over, but Mummy or Daddy helps me and I think it is just great!  I’m trying to make sure Mummy and Daddy get a good ROI for those gymnastics classes!
  4. I learned how to take my pants off!  I did this during what should have been my afternoon nap.  I removed both my pants and socks and threw them out of a crib.  Daddy was very surprised to come in and find me in just a diaper and a shirt – HAHA!
  5.  I like to use a rice cake and make it a hat!  It makes me (and Mummy and Daddy) laugh 🙂

Not So Fun things:

  1. I am walking more but am still not quite stable and still don’t quite correctly calculate exactly how many steps I need to take before I can lean forward and hold
    This is my sad face with my sad, swollen upper lip

    onto whatever it is I walk to.  For example, this morning I was walking to Mummy’s end table while Daddy changed his shirt (I got blueberry on it at breakfast).  I leaned for the end table a bit too soon, missed and smacked my lip on the table.  I must have bit my lip because there was a little blood and now I have a slightly fat lip 😦  OUCH!

  2. 2.    Nicholas went to the dog doctor today for his annual check-up and vaccines.  He is lumpy and bumpy from genetic fatty tumors and has been for years.  They have been checked before and have always been fine.  The one on his chest keeps getting bigger and the doctor checked it again.  She found some cancer cells 😦  Luckily it is not a life threatening cancer and it is also not a kind that will spread.  It will, however, keep growing and could get as big as a cantaloupe which would not be very comfortable for my favorite dog buddy.  Mummy and Daddy have to decide if they ‘wait and watch’ or have the whole thing removed.  Nicholas is 12.5 years old and not psyched about going under anesthesia. 

Look at me WALKING!!

I have been a walking machine tonight!!  My favorite is to walk between Mummy and Daddy for hugs…it’s their favorite too 🙂  I even walked to Daddy, picked up the ball from him then walked back over to my basketball net and made a basket!!

Here I am walking to Mummy for a hug:

Here is another one of me walking to Mummy to get a hug.  I am crying because Daddy picked me up when I was happily crawling: 

Oh, and I said “bubbles” when I was in the tub taking a bubble bath.  I kept trying to drink the bubbles my sticking my fave into them, like the dog drinks.

So much fun stuff!

So much fun stuff since my last post!  You can see more teeth is some of the photos…I now have 4 bottom teeth, 4 top teeth plus 2 top molars (one on each side) and 2 bottom molars (1 on each side).  There may be more, but I don’t like to open my mouth enough for Mummy or Daddy to see very well.  I’ve been going through another growth spurt.  I had gotten a little chubbier but now I’ve shot up again and am tall and thin again.  I was eating like a horse (see my bib even says so!) for a while and now I am back to normal eating but am sleeping like a rock.  Last night I went to bed at 5:30 pm and slept, solid, until 9 am when Mummy and Daddy finally came to get me up!  I went back down for a nap at 10 am and am down for nap #2 now (cool trick how I can blog and sleep at the same time, huh?!).

I had another fun gymnastics class yesterday.  I love that Miss Shelby is in my class now!  We did more forward rolls and I am very good at putting my hands down and tucking my head.  I LOVE to roll!  When we were practicing walking with our hands on the balance beam I immediately put my head down and got to roll on the beam – cool!  At home I am also trying to roll my myself.  I put my hands down and my head is tucked and my bum is in the air.  I can’t quite get over without help, but I certainly try!

I have been doing a lot more walking too!!  I will even let go of something on my own and walk over to Mummy or Daddy.  I don’t walk 100% but I am well on my way.  Foo Foo got to see my walking today which was pretty cool.  We met her downtown for lunch then the Aquarium.  The Aquarium restaurant was packed so we walked across the street to the Mexican place.  I had some ravioli that Mummy brought me and some black beans.  I had also been munching on some Annie’s wheat bunnies but then I choked on one!  I was pretty scared but Mummy saw it and was able to scoop it out.  After it happened she remember that you are not supposed to finger swipe anymore because it can lodge something further down but she saw it and did it without thinking.  Thankfully it worked and I was just fine.  I almost cried after it was out but didn’t and went back to happily munching soft black beans and teeny bits of fig newtons.  I think Mummy and Daddy are only going to give me teensy bits for a while now.

After lunch, we went over to the Aquarium to see the fish (and birds and for some strange and inhumane reason, tigers).  While we were waiting for Daddy to get the tickets I got the meet the Easter Bunny!  I wasn’t sure about him at first, then he handed me a colored plastic egg and I giggled.  I was won over!  I kept watching him, got a photo taken and he gave me another egg!!  With two, it was perfect for banging them together!!  We walked through the Aquarium and I love the fish but even more, I loved the section at the beginning with all the buttons and switched right at my level.  I could have stayed there all day!

I feel right back to sleep in the car on the way home – it was an exhausting day!  Here are some photos from the past week and today.  Se how tall I can getting?

I took SIX steps!

What a super fun day!  I got up bright and early for gymnastics and got to see Miss Shelby AND Miss Elena!  Shelby is walking all over the place and maybe it is starting to rub off because Mummy and Miss Anna (My gymnastics teacher) helped me and I walked SIX steps all by myself!!  Turns out I don’t really need to hold Mummy’s hand, I just want to.  She had a really neat trick where I leaned against her legs until I felt supported than with Mummy in front of me I walked all the way over to her!  Everyone was very impressed and I got a nice round of applause 🙂

After gymnastics Mummy took me to breakfast at The Egg and I with Laura and Miss Shelby and Celia and Miss Elena.  I ate scrambled eggs, toast and potatoes – Yum!  Miss Elena and Shelby did not eat as much as me, but they are dainty ladies and I am a giant boy 😉  We had a lot of fun but everyone was very, very tired by the time we were done.  I fell asleep in the car on the way home (it was only an 8 minute drive!) then I slept for three and a half hours at home!!!  It has been a very, very long time since I’ve had a nap like that!!  It was my one and only nap today.

I had fun playing until bedtime.  I showed Mummy how I can get onto the coffee table all by myself then get off by myself too.  I got a little cocky though and the second time I climbed up I was scooting around too fast and slid off the edge.  Mummy was right next to me but it happened lightning fast!  I was totally fine.  A little scared maybe but nothing a quick cuddle didn’t take care of. 

Before dinner Mummy tried to give my hair a trim since she thinks that $17.95 for a baby haircut is a little steep.  As it turns out, $17.95 is a heck of a bargain!!!  I did not want to sit still and cried and cried, despite getting a cookie and toys to play with.  I like sitting in a taxi, airplane or fire truck for my haircuts, thank you very much.  She did an OK job but one side is not quite as done as the other since I got too fidgety for her to finish.  She is going to take me back to Pigtails and Crewcuts to get my haircut finished tomorrow.  Here is a quick video of me in the tub post-Mummy haircut.  Not a total disaster, but definitely needs some fixing!!

Dinner was super fun tonight!  I had pasta and got is all over my face…there are photos below.  Here are the photos of the day:

Growing with Puppy

Oh my, how I’ve grown!

Me, with my puppy, at 2 weeks, 4 months, 8 months, and 12 months

Fancy Dinner in Boulder

 We went to Boulder tonight because we had to go to Mummy’s jeweler, Cronin Jewelers, because her rings are so big they fall off.  She had a big scare at the airport when she looked down and was missing one of her rings!  Luckily it had fallen off in her purse when she was reaching for something, but still, it scared her into finally getting them resized!  Bill Cronin is the best and I especially love it there because they have a huge basket of toys up front.  I had a blast with some trucks that I pushed all over the store.  It also turns out that I love sparkly things and had fun looking at all the sparkly things.  I think Daddy likes sparkly things too because he surprised Mummy with a pretty necklace she had been eyeing since November of last year 🙂

After the jewelry store, Mummy and Daddy took me to a fancy dinner in Boulder.  We went to SALT on Pearl Street.  It is the #15 top restaurant in the region according to the 5280 magazine and Mummy and Daddy had been wanting to try it for a while!  Mummy and Daddy worried that it might actually be too fancy for me, but it was nice and casual and even had a kids menu (though Mummy and Daddy never ever order off a kid’s menu for me…I eat off the regular menu).   Mummy especially likes that they serve so much local and organic foods!

Mummy and Daddy have stopped packing special meals for me in the diaper bag since I always eat whatever they order for me.  Tonight, after an appetizer of puffies, freeze-dried apples, mum-mums and graham crackers, I had some fresh-baked bread, an entire cup of golden beet soup with creme fraiche, an entire cup of carrot soup with cilantro oil, a yummy pea ravioli and fava beans with wheat berries and tomatoes.  My normal bedtime is 5:30 and we did not get to the restaurant until 5:15 but I was a trooper and didn’t fuss one bit.  I smiled at everyone, practiced holding my own spoon (full of soup and everything – no spills!) and did some excellent people watching. 

When we were all done eating, Mummy took me to the bathroom to get me changed and into my jammies.  Since it was past my bedtime she thought it would be a good idea to get me ready for bed so I could sleep in the car then get to bed with minimal fussing when we got home.  I did not want to lay on the floor to get changed.  Mummy had the little baby pad that I don’t fit on anymore so I wasn’t 100% on the floor, but still, I was having none of it.  I clung to her like a monkey and she had to get me undressed and my arms in my jammies while I was in her arms.  I had to lay down for my diaper change but I still clung to Mummy’s shirt.  Thankfully, she got me in my new diaper lickety split and got my jammies all zipped up.  I did indeed fall asleep in the car within moments and sleep right up until Mummy lifted me out to go int he house (I even stayed asleep though getting unbuckled!).  I quick lay down to get my sleep sack zipped on, a few ounces of milk and I was out cold.  I am actually sleeping right now, lol!  Amazing powers I have to be able to blog and sleep at the same time!

Here are some videos Mummy took of me last weekend and today:

Here I am on the coffee table.  At the end you can see me backing myself off (very impressive!!).  This also shows the horrible, terrible outfit I had to wear when I wet through all of my clothes last week and we had to get new ones in Boulder.:

Here I am this morning ringing my new bell.  It was a consolation prize for the iPhone, which is what I’d really wanted.  Mummy and Daddy are masters of distraction!  Though I do still throw tantrums when I don’t get my way.  I used to only cry a little, but now I command full attention by screaming, throwing myself to the ground then log-rolling across the room while whimpering.  Very dramatic!!  Mummy and Daddy completely ignore me when I act like this and I have cut down on the tantrums a bit…who wants to throw a tantrum when there is not attention to go with it?! 

Here I am in the kitchen this afternoon pushing around the dog bowl container then turning the dishwasher on:

Morning Fun

Mummy took some photos of me playing before school.  I had lots of playtime because I now like to wake up at 6:30 am.  Yup, Mummy and Daddy say this is too early so I play happily in my crib until at least 7 am.  You can see that I am in an outfit that I will not fit in much longer, lol.  This is what 18 month size looks like on me.  I sure am a big, growing boy!  The photo of me in the kitchen is of me pushing around the holder for Nicholas’ food bowls.  You can see my fun new lunch box too…I love holding it on the way to school.