“Uh Oh” – No crying over spilled milk!

I know how, and when, to say “Uh Oh!”

I was keeping this a secret from Mummy and Daddy…who know what other secrets I will reveal!

When Daddy picked me up from school this afternoon I was wearing a onsie, socks and sneakers.  Yup, no pants!!  Daddy asked what happened and was told about how I managed to get my sippy cup of milk opened (by throwing it down over and over) and it spilled all over me.  when it happened, I said “Uh Oh!!”  Apparently I say “Uh Oh” a lot and at appropriate times.  Who knew?!

I have lots of extra clothes at school, but I grew out of them.  The only thing that fit was a Broncos onsie.  All of my pants were too small and tight!  Hopefully Mummy and Daddy will bring some bigger spare clothes to school soon!


One Response to ““Uh Oh” – No crying over spilled milk!”

  1. laurapayette Says:

    LOL Shelby has learned to say “uh oh,” too. She only uses it in context about half the time, though. It’s pretty hilarious how fast I react to her saying it. One day there’s going to be a really big “uh oh” and I’m going to freak out.

    Shelby needs new backup clothes at school, too. I keep forgetting to bring them!

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