St. Patrick’s Day

Here are some photos of me on my second St. Patrick’s Day…sporting a tacky, green tux shirt, lol.  My first one was pretty uneventful since I was only 2 weeks old…my, how I’ve grown!!  Check out the new “face” I like to make.  I squinch my nose and eyes up and Daddy doesn’t like it…Mummy thinks it is cute.  She thinks just about everything about me is cute though 🙂  Nicholas loves me too…he still gives me kisses even though I like to grab his tail!  I also got a haircut yesterday.  I’ve got my 1 year photo shoot on Saturday so I need to look sharp!

Oh, and in the morning I now say “school! school! school!”  I love my school and my friends and I love to go there in the mornings 🙂  Mummy was very impressed when she head me say this because apparently the “sch” sound is a hard one.


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