My new playroom got even better and I got tooth #7!

I was pretty psyched about getting half of the dining rom as my very own playroom.  Now, I have the WHOLE THING!!!  Daddy took apart the dining room table and carefully stored it downstairs (don’t worry Nana Foo Foo, it is safe and sound and wrapped up in blankets to keep it safe).  Then, as if the extra space couldn’t get any better, it did!  Mummy got me an ABCs and 123s puzzle mat for the floor, a cool tunnel to crawl through, and the best part, a bouncy ball pit!!  The ball pit is my favorite.  I can tumble out of it and I like to throw myself head first into the sides.  I am still working on getting in it by myself.  Mostly, I think Mummy got me the ball pit so I could have somewhere soft to be so rough.

In other news, I have a 7th tooth!!  It looks like it has actually been in for a while, but Mummy only just notices it in the car on the way home from Miss Shelby’s party when she had me laughing really hard and could see it.  It is on the top on hee left side…1 or 2 over from the fang tooth.  Impressive that I don’t even fuss for new teeth, huh?  Since I have so many teeth now, Mummy and Daddy got me a real toothbrush, not just hte kind that sticks on Mummy’s finger.  She puts a dab of toothpaste on it and I got to town.  I cry when you take it away though – I love brushing my teeth (or at least I love chewing on it!).

Here is a video of me in my new ball pit:

Here is a video of me pushing and new ball pit (everything is a walker!!):

Here are some photos:


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