Miss Shelby’s 1st Birthday Party

Today was so much fun!!  When I woke up, Daddy took me to gymnastics class – that was a tread to get to have some extra special Daddy time (Mummy usually takes me)!  I had so much fun and loved practicing my forward and backwards rolls.  I also had fun with my buddy, Finnegan.  He is teeny (off the growth charts at the bottom…and I am off the chart at the top!) so we are an odd looking pair but we have fun 🙂

I was still wide awake and played some when we got home.  Then Daddy put me down for a nap so I could be in a great mood for Miss Shelby’s 1st birthday party!  It was so great and I had such a great time!  I got to see Miss Elena and Miss Morgan there and got to meet some new friends too.  I loved all of Shelby’s toys, especially her GIANT tiger that I kept giving hugs and kisses to.

After playing for a bit Mummy gave me some spinach ravioli for lunch and I gobbled them all up.  I didn’t even throw a single ravioli on the floor!  Soon, we got to watch Miss Shelby eat her little cake.  I got to do the same thing last week, so did Miss Addy!  I guess it is cake week!  Shelby loved the frosting and at first just picked the blue frosting dots off the top of the cake.  Then she really got into it and made a big, fun mess.  She got a bath to get cleaned up – she was all blue and covered in cake!

After the party, Mummy and Daddy took me to Toys R Us for a quick trip to pick up some letter and number floor mats.  Daddy is going to get the big dining room table moved tomorrow and I’ll have lots of room to play – hooray!!  Mummy also picked out a bubble popper walking toy (on clearance – yay!) and Daddy picked out some cars for me.  They are not very good at not buying me more and more toys.  We’re going to run out of room soon!!

Here are some photos of Miss Shelby’s Birthday…isn’t she so pretty?  🙂


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