New toys are fun…the box is even more fun!!

My new kitchen came today!  I have always loved the play kitchens at school so Mummy and Daddy got me one for my birthday – hooray!  It didn’t get here in time for my actual birthday or for my party, but it is here now and I LOVE it!!  I particularly love drinking from the little cups and throwing the coffee pot on the floor.

The best thing about my new kitchen?  The box it came in, of course!!  I have been having a grand time speed crawling through it.  Back and forth…back and forth.  It’s even more fun when Mummy or Daddy surprise me at the other end.  I squeal with delight and race back through my box.

After some play time with my kitchen and the box it came in, Mummy and Daddy took me for a walk outside in my “new” Pooh car.  Our wonderful neighbors, who have a 6 year old little girl, gave me a lot of her old toys and this one just got cleaned off today after camping out in the garage for months.  It’s got a steering wheel, horn, and cup on the dash.  I loved getting pushed around in my new car and even got out to help push!

I pooped out around 5:10 tonight and went right to bed – I’m exhausted!

Here are some photos from today’s fun:


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