My New Playroom!

I got a new playroom today!  Well, it is not really new and it is not really a separate room, but it is newly configured and mine, all mine!  Mummy moved the dining room table way into the corner of the dining area, put the gar around it, took out the chairs and tree and moved all my toys over.  She even made me a soft, snuggly area with a bean bag chair, my big bear (formerly of my room), some pillows and all my stuffed animals – I love it!  There are new bins for books that I can “read” myself (i.e. have cardboard pages instead of oh so ripable paper) and places for my blocks.  All my fun toys are along the edges where I can get to them easily. 

Mummy even organized my two toy boxes.  One has all the “baby” toys than I can chew on and the things that make noise.  The other toy box is filled with nothing but balls – soooo much fun!!  I climbed right in that one and played for almost an hour in there. 

Mummy and Daddy are going to try to figure out how to move the big dining room table out of the house so I can have the whole space.  It is really big and heavy so it might take a while.  It does need to move though because even with the gate I keep trying to climb on it and chew on it which is not OK.  Also, I need more space and Mummy and Daddy said they would like to get me a little table and chairs for that area one day.  So exciting!

I had a fun day at school and have a lot of fun playing outside.  There is a chain link fence separating the “Toddlers” from the “Beginners” (I am a Beginner) in the playground outside.  I really wanted to play with the big kids and Miss Sandy caught me as I tried to scale the fence to the other side!!  I was climbing the fence and already had my feet in the links and was pulling myself up.  Mummy warned her when she came to pick me up and heard the story that I am a climber.  I started using drawer handles to climb things before I could even crawl!

Here are some photos from my day.  My frog balloon finally deflated and I got to have one last playtime with it.  You can also see my hanging upside down on the baby gate into the kitchen.  That is my fun new trick lately and it scares Mummy – I hang on to the baby gate bars, often while standing on the first step, and lean alllll the way back and rock back and forth and laugh.  I love being upside down!


2 Responses to “My New Playroom!”

  1. Polly Ortiz Says:

    Perhaps you have a little spider monkey living inside your house instead of a little boy?? LOL!! Too cute!

  2. ThatchersMummy Says:

    LOL, well, his room is a monkey theme…

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