Ask me in French…I know where my nose and mouth are!

It was a big day…first I used my potty, then I started responding correctly to French questions!  Mummy was giving me dinner and she asked me, in French, where her nose was.  Every time, after a little bit of concentrated thought, I pointed to Mummy’s nose!  Then she asked me where her mouth was, and I thought, and pointed to her mouth!  I did this all through dinner and thought it was great fun!  When Mummy asked me in English, I didn’t know, so perhaps Daddy needs to work on my body parts in English since Mummy is ding it in French 🙂

Here are some photos Mummy took of me after my potty time and before bedtime:

p.s. those things on my knees are crawling knee pads Mummy got me.  Not very practical, but they worked well when I was diaper naked.


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