My Birthday Party!

Today I had my first birthday party – boy, was it fun!!  My day started off great with a fun gymnastics followed by a two and a half hour nap.  When I woke up, the party had just started.  Daddy came up to get me and dressed me in my “Prince Thatcher – I’m ONE” shirt – I looked very handsome.

I had a blast playing with so many of my friends – all of my girl friends: Shelby, Elena, Addy, Morgan, and Zara and finally some boys: twins, Connor and Teagan!  I had a nice time “sharing” some crunchies and a sippy cup with Miss Shelby.  It was very sweet but a little gross because we shared a few already chewed on bites.

For lunch, Mummy made my favorite, risotto.  This one had peas and sweet potato, but was good, but I did not love it as much as when she makes it with spinach.  After lunch we played some more.  I ate more crunchies from the little cups Mummy made and shared with Miss Elena this time.  I did not share quite as well this time and I started to throw a fit when I couldn’t hold the cup. 

Soon it was time for cake!  I already had a cupcake on my actual birthday, but I got to do it again, this time with a bigger cake and more people.  Everyone gathered around and sang “Happy Birthday” to me while I watched my frog prince candle burn.  Mummy helped me blow out the candle then I got to have my cake.  I was a little more tentative this time and poked very gently at the green “I’m One!” frosting for a bit.  Then Mummy cut me a piece to get me started and I went to town – YUMMY!!

Here is a video that Laura took of me with my cake:

After cake, we all played more.  It was so much fun to get to have so many friends over and to be awake for it!  As I’m sure you’ve read by now, I am an excellent napper and have slept through big chunks of most of the parties Mummy and Daddy have had.  It was very exciting that I was awake the whole time!!

When it was finally over, I drank a bottle and took a nice, long nap…another 2 and a half hours!  After my nap, Daddy decided to take us all out to dinner at Martino’s, the great pizza place in Lafayette.  I had some macaroni with peas and olives from home while Mummy and Daddy had some pizza.  Mummy even had a glass of red wine!

After dinner, I played some more at home before hitting the sack.  My new favorite thing is a telephone on wheels that I got in the toy exchange.  I am having a blast pushing it all around the living room.  Whenever it flips over (wheels up) I get frustrated and fuss a bit until I get it wheels down again.  I can’t wait to push it around some more tomorrow!

What a great day!!  Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come to my party and to everyone who wasn’t but who I know was thinking about me.

Here are the photos that Mummy (and Laura) – thanks!) took:


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    […] a whirlwind around here!!  I’ve spent the past two weekends getting everything ready for Thatcher’s first birthday party today and I’ve being doing it while in a funk and with the worst sinus infection of all […]

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