I’m ONE Year Old!!!

I made it – I am officially ONE!!

Mummy and Daddy both got me up this morning and were very excited and telling me “Happy Birthday!!”  I don’t exactly know what that means but it sounded like fun!  Before breakfast, Mummy gave me a cool frog prince pillow pouch.  The tag said “PJ holder/Pillow” but it just seems like a soft frog pouch to me.  We practiced putting things “in” and taking them “out.”  I am getting pretty good at “in” and “out!”  Then Mummy made me a special treat for breakfast – French toast!  I loved it 🙂  I also had some cereal with fruit and milk.  We played for a long time before I had to go to school so Mummy and Daddy could do some work. 

I had a fun day a school and even took a better than usual nap.  Not longer than usual (only about 40 min), but I slept solid instead of waking up every 10 min like I’ve been doing at school.  When Mummy and Daddy came to pick me up I was playing with my group of friends and having a great time.  I was so tired and was really hoping to go home and take a nice, long nap, but we went to see Dr. Knott.  I’ve been seeing him a lot lately…I was even there last week.  I’ve had some ear infections and some fluid in my ears so we get them checked a lot.  This time my ears were looking better and I was 100% healthy 🙂  I had to have a little block stick (on my toe) but I did not even notice it…not a teeny flinch or anything!!

I also got me height and weight measured again and I am still growing.  I am now 32.5 inches tall, which is just off the top of the growth chart.  I weigh 25 lbs and 3 oz, which is the 75-90th%.  I have thinned out a bit since my last visit when I was in the 90-95th%, but that is to be expected as I’ve been so much more busy lately.  I am still a super eater, I just hurry up and get back to playing now.  I am also napping less so I burn a whole lot more calories.  I’m still a big guy!

When we got home I finally got to take a little nap – hooray!!  While I napped, Mummy made me my favorite dinner – spinach risotto!  She even added some carrots and mushrooms which I love too.  I had some black olives, bread and cheese that I got to feed myself.  All my favorites – spinach, olives and cheese – all in one meal!!  I ate a LOT for dinner and Mummy and Daddy took lots and lots of photos. 

After dinner I got a cupcake with a candle!  Mummy and Daddy sang “Happy Birthday” and Mummy helped me blow out my candle (quickly because I wanted to touch it).  Then I got the whole cupcake all for me!!  I LOVED it and ate a lot of it.  Nicholas was right next to me and I shared some with him too.  I love when he licks my fingers – it makes me laugh.

Here is a video of me with my birthday cupcake:

After dinner, I got another present – blocks from one of Mummy’s co-workers.  They were great!!  I loved banging them together and throwing them.  I played with them for a while until I finally pooped out and got to have a bottle (a very small one after such a big dinner) and go to sleep.  What a fun day!!

Here are photos from my birthday: 


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