Week 52 (February 23 – March 2): Almost my BIRTHDAY!!!

This is the last week before my FIRST birthday – very exciting!!!  After this week, Mummy will be helping me post periodically, as fun stuff happens, instead of every Wednesday.  My next post, for example, will be all about my birthday party!!

I had a fun last week as an “infant.”  Though if you know me I’m a big guy so the word “infant” hasn’t seemed right for several months now.  Soon, I’ll be a “toddler!”  I am still having fun at school and one day this week when Daddy came to get me I wanted to keep playing with my friend, Domenica.  We were moving her nap map around.  Speaking of nap mats, I am finally taking a little longer naps during the day at school.  This is great news because I rarely take a second nape when I get home in the afternoon.  On the weekends, however, I still take 2 very good naps.

I had my gymnastics class this weekend and was very excited to have Miss Shelby come to the “beam buddies” day.  Unfortunately, she was not feeling very well so she stayed home and rested with her Mommy.  We did a new thing in class called the “air walk.”  It was basically a giant air mattress that when it got filled with air, picked us up off the ground about 4 feet.  I was not a fan.  Mummy was right with me and I never cried, but every time she put me down to play and crawl on it, I climbed right back up into her lap and held on tight!

Walking with help from Daddy:

I got to go to the mall and to dinner with Mummy and Daddy on Saturday night.  We went to get some last supplies for my party and I got to ride in my BOB with the new snack tray attached.  I really liked having a place for some toys and a new thing to hang onto while I got pushed around.   We went to Gordon Bierch for dinner and I did a great job eating all the black olives and feta off the Greek flatbread appetizer as well as almost all of the side of veggies Mummy ordered for me.  Butternut squash, mushrooms, zucchini, and red peppers – YUMMY!!   I was getting so, so tired, but I did not fuss one bit.  I have excellent restaurant etiquette already and Mummy and Daddy are so proud of me.  I chew with my mouth closed, I don’t throw things and I smile at everyone near me.  One day I’ll graduate to eating with silverware, but at my age, hands are the way to go!

Speaking of eating, watch me feed  Nicholas:

On Sunday, I got to see my Nana Foo Foo!!  She’s always a good time 🙂  She even brought me two presents!  They were for my birthday, but Mummy and Daddy said it was ok to open a few a little early so I could play with them all week.  I got a really cool inchworm that rolls across the floor when you press on the back and an amazing tower that I can roll balls and a frog and a penguin down.  I LOVE that one!!!

Shaking my keys:

Here are some photos from my week:


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