“Uh Oh” – No crying over spilled milk!

I know how, and when, to say “Uh Oh!”

I was keeping this a secret from Mummy and Daddy…who know what other secrets I will reveal!

When Daddy picked me up from school this afternoon I was wearing a onsie, socks and sneakers.  Yup, no pants!!  Daddy asked what happened and was told about how I managed to get my sippy cup of milk opened (by throwing it down over and over) and it spilled all over me.  when it happened, I said “Uh Oh!!”  Apparently I say “Uh Oh” a lot and at appropriate times.  Who knew?!

I have lots of extra clothes at school, but I grew out of them.  The only thing that fit was a Broncos onsie.  All of my pants were too small and tight!  Hopefully Mummy and Daddy will bring some bigger spare clothes to school soon!


I took TWO steps…by MYSELF!!!

Tonight, I took TWO STEPS all by MYSELF!!  I was over by the front door, holding the low wall that is there and took two steps to get over to my music table.  Daddy almost missed it and Mummy was in MN and totally missed it.  She is very, very sad that she missed my first steps and told me on the phone that I am not allowed to walk again until she gets home.  I’ll try.

Oh, and in another bad Mummy moment, Mummy forgot to load the photos she took this weekend onto her laptop so I can’t post any photos until the weekend.  Does anyone have a stay at home (or even just local!)  job they would like to offer her so she doesn’t have to fly anymore?  Pretty please??

A Super Fun Play Date…with TWO Pretty Girls :-)

What a fun day!

When I woke up from my nap I thought it was going to be a regular Sunday, but it turned into FUNday!!  A few minutes after I woke up Miss Shelby came over!  We played and played then it was time for lunch.  While we were eating, Miss Elena came over too!!  Party at my house 🙂

After lunch we all played and played.  We played in the ball pit and Shelby discovered my super fun tunnel…she didn’t want to come out, lol.  We both should have taken naps much earlier but we didn’t go down until 1:30/1:45.  Celia watched Shelby and Elena while Mummy put me down then Mummy put Shelby down too.  We were zonkered!

Here are some photos of my day:

My Photo Shoot, a New Boo Boo, and a New Spoon

What a day!

My day started very, very early when Mummy woke me up at 6:45 am – too early!  I had a bottle and got all dressed and had half of my breakfast at home and half of it in the car.  Very strange.  We took a ride in the car and ended up downtown at Union Station.  Then we saw Kristie Chadwick, my photographer!  She is so great…she always makes fun noises and makes me smile 🙂  We walked around downtown and kept stopping to take photos – it was my 1 year photo shoot!!  Miss Kristie has done all of my other photos too.  Newborn photos at 2 weeks in her studio, my 4 month photos at home, and my 8 month photos at the Denver botanic gardens.  I was in a good mood and decided to smile this time…I hardly smiled at all for my last shoot.

We did a lot of photos outside near gates and doors, on steps and even in a dirty alley.  The only mishap of the day (besides Mummy and Daddy forgetting to get out my puppy for some of the photos) was when I toppled over and very nearly caught myself on my tummy but unfortunately kept on tumbling and scraped my cheek on some black top.  I didn’t cry for even a second though!  It got pretty red and yucky looking but Mummy put coconut oil on it when we got home and it is looking much, much better now.  You can see the little scratches in the photos of me in my jammies, below.

When we were done taking photos, we got back in the car and went to visit Nana Foo Foo at her new office.  It was so cool!  Tons of toys and bright colors.  I got to meet lots of new people and everyone thought I was so handsome.  I was getting very tired thought and Foo Foo had to get back to work.  I fell asleep in the car and I don’t do that unless I am really, really tired.  I woke up when we got home and I took a little bit more of a rest but didn’t sleep too much more.

After my rest Mummy and Daddy took me to The Huckleberry for lunch.  I love that place!  It is the same restaurant where I goosed the hostess last time.  I tried to goose a lady waiting near us, but Mummy kept me back.  I also sat in a corner where I could see everyone but all bums were out of reach.  After a lovely meal we went home and got some great playing time in.  Pretty soon I was exhausted again.  I fell asleep during my bottle and stayed asleep in Mummy’s arms.  I slept for two and a half hours after that and only woke up in time for dinner!

Check out the photos of me in my new long sleeve bib (aka “smock”) with my new training spoon.  I’ve been wanting to feed myself more lately but I keep sticking the spoon too far down my throat and choking myself.  This spoon makes it so I can’t choke 🙂  I ate a bunch of tofu with lemon and olive oil, strawberries, blueberry yogurt, carrots, red peppers and the favorite of the night, little pieces of broccoli!  I loved the texture and kept looking at the little trees, feeling them, sucking them, and ultimately guzzling them like they were going out of style!

St. Patrick’s Day

Here are some photos of me on my second St. Patrick’s Day…sporting a tacky, green tux shirt, lol.  My first one was pretty uneventful since I was only 2 weeks old…my, how I’ve grown!!  Check out the new “face” I like to make.  I squinch my nose and eyes up and Daddy doesn’t like it…Mummy thinks it is cute.  She thinks just about everything about me is cute though 🙂  Nicholas loves me too…he still gives me kisses even though I like to grab his tail!  I also got a haircut yesterday.  I’ve got my 1 year photo shoot on Saturday so I need to look sharp!

Oh, and in the morning I now say “school! school! school!”  I love my school and my friends and I love to go there in the mornings 🙂  Mummy was very impressed when she head me say this because apparently the “sch” sound is a hard one.

Pineapple Shampoo

Mummy taught me how to “brush my hair” and here is a video that Daddy took of me using my new skill…with pineapple tidbits!  Mummy was watching on Skype.

I can use a spoon (sort of)!

My new jammies...they are shorts!

I realize I have bene posting  a lot this week.  Mummy has been working from home so has been able to help me.  Once she flies back to Minneapolis in the morning I probably won’t be able to post again until she gets home.  So, here are two last videos of me.  In the first one I am showing off my new skills with a spoon!  The second one is of me cruising the couch.  Here are two photos of me in my new jammies…I grew out of my 18 month size and am onto the 24 month size!  I sure am growing like a weed!!