Week 51 (Feb 16-23): Gymnastics, the Park, a Haircut, a Train Ride, a Swimming Date, and Hibachi Dinner!

Wow – I had a super busy weekend!!  Before the weekend, I had a fun week at school.  Mummy got to fly home a day early so she dropped me off one day and got to see just how much I love my new class!  When all of the Beginners are not at school yet we get to hang out with the Toddler room – they are so cool!  I am doing so great at school and love eating at the table like a big boy.  Miss Leanne told Mummy that I need to have shoes at school because we are going outside to play now that the weather is getting so much nicer – fun! 

The weather has been really nice…if not a little windy.  This weekend, Mummy and Daddy walked me to a park near the house and I got to have some outside playtime!  I was just up from my nap and was still a little tired but I woke up and had fun.  I got to go on the swings, the slide and got to crawl around and walk around some of hte bars and spirals there.  I also discovered the woodchips – Mummy was afraid I would try to eat them.  I did not – ha!  They were very, very interesting though.  I kept looking at them and picking them up and feeling them.  So many new and exciting things to learn and experience!

On Saturday, I went to my gymnastics class at The Little Gym with Mummy and Daddy and had so much fun!  I am getting so fast and crawl all over the place and love to explore all of the equipment.  We also played with the shaker bells, got to bang sticks together and played with balls.  Next week is “beam buddies” day and we all get to bring a buddy to class with us.  Miss Shelby is going to be my beam buddy!  After class, Mummy and Daddy took me out to breakfast at The Huckleberry.  That is the very first restaurant I ever went to…when I was only 2 weeks old (and a LOT when I was still in Mummy’s belly!!).  Once we were sitting down, the hostess came near the table to seat another family and I grabbed her bum!!  Everyone laughed but then Mummy told me that it is not polite to grab bums…I’m sure she will have to tell me again when I am older.  In the car on the way home I was very tired and Mummy rode in the back with me.  To keep me entertained she taught me a new noise!  Here is a video of me making my new mouth noise with Mummy:

After my gymnastics class, I took a long nap then went for my third haircut.  My hair grows so fast!!  After my haircut, Mummy rode with me on the train that goes around the Orchard shopping center where my salon (Pigtails & Crewcuts) is.  A little girl and her Mommy rode with us and she had a cool, green balloon that I really, really wanted.  I had fun waving at everyone as we rode by and got excited when we got back to the “station” and I saw Daddy.  After the train, we went to the shoe store to get me some shoes for school that have real bottoms and aren’t just crib shoes.  I got a pair of navy blue Nikes, black high top converse, and navy and black Vans with guitars on them.  I’m such a big boy!!

On Sunday, after my morning nap and while we waited for Miss Shelby to wake up from her nap, Mummy took me to the “kid zone” at the Broomfield Rec Center.  It was soooo great!!  There were lots of fun, colorful things for me to climb on, around and through.  There was also a big, blue slide that Mummy helped me go down three times!  To get up there we had to crawl and climb up an obstacle course.  I loved it!!  there were lots of other kids and I caught on pretty quickly where I needed to go.  That slide sure was fun!

After three times down the slide, we saw Laura and Miss Shelby!  We all went to the locker room and got changed into our new suits.  Shelby had a pretty new green bathing suit and looked so pretty!  My new trunks are blue and green with fish on them – I looked very handsome!  We played in the shallow end for a little bit then our Mummies took us around the lazy river.  We both had fun looking at everything and kicking and splashing.  After we had enough swimming (I was getting very tired) we went back to out house and had some lunch.  Shelby even ate some of my spinach ravioli!  I took a nice, long nap as soon as I finished my lunch – I was exhausted!!

Even though we’d had a very busy weekend already, after my afternoon nap Mummy and Daddy took me out to a family dinner.  We went to Mt. Fuji, a hibachi place in Westminster that we had gone to on New Years Day.  I had worked up quite the appetite from all my playing and swimming and I ate a lot!!  While we were waiting for Santos, our awesome chef (the same on we had last time – Mummy asked for him this time too) I had goldfish, the rest of my spinach ravioli from lunch, edamame, tofu and some of Mummy’s salad (I LOVE salad!!).  When Santos arrived I was captivated by his “show” of cooking.  I didn’t even cry when he made the big fire in the beginning…the 7 year old little girl at the table with us cried for 5 minutes!!  Once we had more food, I kept on eating!  I had almost half of Mummy’s fried rice (yum!), more tofu, some noodles, broccoli (my favorite!) and carrots!  I didn’t stop eating the whole time we were there!  It was a lot of fun.  When we got home, I got a bath and went straight to bed.


Here are lots of photos from my week:


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