Week 50 (February 9-16): Double Ear Infection, Elena’s 1st Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and a Thumb Boo Boo

I had kind of a rough week this week.  On Thursday, Daddy got a call from school that I woke up with a fever of 103.  Daddy was already on the way to get me and when I got home it was down to 100.  Since temps are always higher right after sleeping Mummy and Daddy think they took my temp too soon and that, while I did have a fever, it wasn’t as high as 103.  After some motrin and before bedtime by temperature was back to normal.  Mummy called my doctor the next day and brought me in to be checked because I have had this runny/gunky nose and cough  for a few weeks now.  Sure enough, I had a double  ear infection!!  The doctor thought that my yucky nose and cough were probably related…draining and stuff.  Mummy and Daddy told me I really need to cry or fuss when something hurts so they can make it better.  I got antibiotics and am feeling much better now.  I was 24 lbs and 14 oz on Friday (clothes and diaper on).

On Saturday, after I was on my antibiotics for 24 hours, I went to Miss Elena’s 1st birthday party!!  Elena had on a beautiful, pink birthday dress and I had so much fun playing with her (well, mostly her toys) and Miss Shelby who was there too.  She had a really cool toy that we stood up on and played with – kind of like a jumper, but without the seat.  I got Elena a pink walk and ride toy for her birthday – I hope she likes it!  After she opened presents and we played, it was time for cake!  We all sang “Happy Birthday” to Elena and she had her very own carrot cake shaped like the number 1 – so cool!  I got to try some of Daddy’s cake and it was super yummy.  I can’t wait for my own cake soon

Sunday was a relaxing day at home marred by one little bit of yuckiness.  I apparently bit the thumb that I suck and it blistered and was all red.  Mummy and Daddy put my mitten on me for naps so I wouldn’t suck it anymore, but that just made it take a lot longer for me to fall asleep.  That night, Nana Foo Foo and Tia Dia came for an early Valentine’s Day dinner (Mummy’s least favorite holiday).  Nana Foo Foo is also a pediatric nurse who works in triage right now and she looked at my thumb and recommended that I go see the doctor the next day if it was not looking any better.  The rest of the night was so much fun.  I played with Dia and Foo Foo and we all had dinner together.  Mummy made a spinach risotto with a beet puree (which made it pink for Valentine’s Day) and red velvet cupcakes.  The loved the risotto, but did not care for the cupcakes.  When Mummy gave me a little bite, I opened my mouth, spit out my tongue and let it drop onto the table.  I then picked it up, lifted it over my head and hurled it onto the floor.  Then I gobbled up more spinach risotto and beets

In the morning, Daddy saw that my thumb was still really red so he made me another doctor appointment.  My thumb was OK, no infection.  They told Daddy that it would either get worse or better and that me sucking it would not make it worse so it was ok to take off the mitten for sleeping – hooray!!  It should also help that I am already on antibiotics for my ears.  If it got worse, all they could do would be to bring me back in and drain the blisters – OUCH!!  Luckily, the thumb is on the mend   Oh, and come Monday, I was 25 lbs and 8 oz (clothes and diaper on)…my appetite is back with a vengeance!!

The past few days I have been making up for all the sleep I missed when my ears hurt.  Yesterday  and the day before I took 3 hour naps in the afternoon…after 90 minute naps in the morning!!  Even though I did not really fuss or cry when my ears hurt, I was not sleeping quite as well.  I am also getting so much more active during the day that I wear myself out more.  Since I was recovering from my double ear infection and the thumb boo boo, Daddy kept me home with him for a few days.  I don’t sleep nearly as well as school so this was a great chance to catch up on sleep.  I also got to have some nice time with Daddy.  He even took  me out to lunch with him yesterday – Thai food!  He forgot a bib for me, but I didn’t make a mess – am such a big boy now!  Oh, and at home, I am getting very, very close to making a break for it out the dog door!

Here are some photos from the weekend and week:


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