Week 49 (February 2-9): 11 Months Old, A Groundhog Day Get-Together, Superbowl, and New Food Behaviors

I am officially 11 months old…and Mummy is officially freaking out that I’m almost ONE year old!!!  She is already planning my frog Prince themed birthday party in a month.

This week at school I went through all of my “spare” clothes.  One day, I had my first ever diaper blow-out.  Mummy and Daddy were very thankful that it happened at school and not at home.  The very next day I got red pasta sauce all over myself during lunch.  In other school news, I will be transitioning over the next month from the Infant 2 room (6-12 months) to the beginners (12-18 months) room.  It is just the next room over and I already like to play with the kids and teachers through the windows (they are low).  In the Beginners classroom there will only be 5 of us and we are all within 2-3 months of each other.  It will be the smallest class in the whole school!  In my new class I will be learning to take a nap on a map at the same time as everyone else (11:30 am, which is when I go down in my crib at school already) and will be starting to eat at a table, in a chair I get strapped into, with the other kids.  There is a lot more room to move around, explore and play!

Mummy and Daddy have been noticing that lately, my food preferences and habits are beginning to change.  I no longer love every single thing put in front of me.  I even found something I do NOT like.  Well, Mummy thinks I may have just not wanted it at the time since I’ve loved it in the past, but time will tell.  Daddy gave me a bite of lentil dahl and I opened my mouth and pulled in back out with my hands!!  I did the same thing with bite number 2!  The next day at school Mummy packed me tofu paneer (tofu with creamed spinach).  Miss Carol told Daddy that I wouldn’t eat it with the spinach but when she rinsed it off I ate all of the tofu. 

Also, a troubling new trend is that I’ve stopped chewing my food.  That means that now I “choke’ at least once per meal and have a coughing fit.  I don’t actually choke because I am still breathing just fine, but I do cough like a mad man.  It even happens with super soft and teeny pieces of peaches!  I guess I am just developing food preferences and am experimenting with this whole chewing thing.  Mummy and Daddy are just going to keep introducing new foods, along with old favorites, and let me sort it out while keeping an extra watchful eye of my chewing and swallowing to make sure I don’t choke for real.

When Mummy got home on Thursday she was feeling pretty yucky.  So yucky that she cancelled the Groundhog Day Celebration on Saturday 😦  Then she got some much needed sleep, felt all better, and it was back on.  She confused people though so it was only a few people, but that turned out just fine!  I got to meet Mummy’s personal trainer, Jon, and his wife, Kimberly.  I loved Kimberly!!  Within just a few moments of meeting her, I had climbed right up into her lap.  Later that afternoon CeliaI got to play with my friend Miss Elena.  I even gave her Daddy, Eric, a high 5!  Even though I have been pickier lately with foods, I loved Mummy’s vegetarian chili and cornbread – YUM!

This Sunday was something called “Superbowl.”  Daddy watched a lot of it on the big TV down in the basement while I stayed upstairs with Mummy.  I got to see my Tia Dia on Superbowl Sunday!!!  She sure is fun!  Mummy tried to get some photos of us, but only ended up with the top of Dia’s head or the top of mine.  We’ll try again soon! 

A little bit before Tia Dia had to go home Laura and Miss Shelby came to see me!!  It was the first time in awhile that we have both been awake at the same time and got to have some good play time.  I had just woken up 30 min earlier from a 2+ hour nap so I was in a great mood.  Shelby is WALKING!!!!  I had fun showing off and zooming all over the living room and throwing myself in and out of my blow-up car.  I stayed up way past my bedtime, but I had a blast!!

Here is a video that Daddy took of me crawling around with my balloon.  You can also see Mummy on Skype!

Here are the photos Mummy took this week:


One Response to “Week 49 (February 2-9): 11 Months Old, A Groundhog Day Get-Together, Superbowl, and New Food Behaviors”

  1. Joe Warren Says:

    Love the narrative! Very cool. Thatcher & Shelby have become great buds. Hmm. I see some “obstacles” that prevent Thatcher et. al. from navigating outside the confines. How/why would that be? [Rhetorical question, no need for answer!]

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