Week 48 (January 26 – February 2): Family Lunch Date, My First Babysitter, and My Two front Teeth

I had a fun week this week.  Even though I slept through it all, we got a brand new fridge on Thursday night.  our old one died and Mummy went from the airport to The Home Depot and came home with a new fridge on a truck.  Daddy needed some help from our neighbor to get it inside, but everyone is really happy that we have a new fridge that is not broken!  I like that I can pull up on the bottom freezer handle!

Speaking of sleeping, I seem to be skipping my morning nap when I’m at school.  I still take two naps a day, but instead of a nap at 9 am and again at 1 pm, I am now not taking my first nap (at school) until around noon, then I always take another one when I get home a little after 2 pm.  None if this has messed up or moved my 5:30 pm bedtime though.  I have a very keen internal clock and come 5:20 or 5:30 I am ready for bed…even if I just woke up from a nap at 4 pm!!

Early Saturday, I had my gymnastics class, which I LOVE.  Mummy got me there a minute or two late so I missed the shaker bells and welcome song – she promises to get me there on time, or early, next week!!  This week I was crawling all over the place, exploring everything and dancing to all the music.  I loved playing with the balls and the bubbles!  I did a bunch of forward and backward rolls and hung on the bars.  This was a new class so I am not the youngest one anymore so there are lots of really little babies now.  The highlight of the class was the “log roll” which was when I laid on Mummy’s chest and she rolled like a log with me.  I laughed and laughed and open my mouth so wide that she saw that my two front teeth had just popped through!!!  Mummy and Daddy say that explains why I have been a little extra fussy lately.  Finally, I’ll have more than fangs up top 🙂

After my post-gymnastics nap (2 hours!), we all went to lunch as a family to a new pizza place that has vegan cheese for Mummy.  Well, Mummy is now only semi-vegan, but that’s ok.  They had really great pizza and I loved the ziti with marinara that Mummy and Daddy ordered for me.  I also enjoyed it for dinner and again for lunch the next day.  There were TVs in the restaurant and I also enjoyed watching some sports while I ate.  Like father, like son! 

Friday was a really busy day!  So busy, that I slept right through my first ever non-Foo Foo babysitter.  Miss Nancy, who is Miss Shelby’s Auntie N, came over to babysit so Mummy and daddy could have a real date night.  Nancy came over at 6 pm but I was already asleep by 5:45.  Mummy and Daddy went to see Black Swan after getting some appetizers at Rock Bottom Brewery.  After the pizza lunch, they were not very hungry.  Hopefully the next time they go out, I will be awake and will get to play with Miss Nancy!

On Sunday, we had a family taco night (vegetarian) at home.  Mummy and Daddy usually eat much later than my 4 pm dinner time, so it was a special treat that we all got to eat together.  While I did not eat a whole lot of the tacos (veggie “meat,” beans, cheese, tomatoes, and tortillas) I did eat an entire can of mandarin oranges – my favorite!!  I did, however, eat all of my taco leftovers at school the next day.  Miss Carol asked Daddy what my lunch was when he picked me up because it smelled so yummy!  Speaking of Miss Carol, when Daddy picked me up on day, I was giving Miss Carol a big hug! 

Mummy’s little camera is still broken and she has not sent it in to get fixed yet.  There are less photos this week, but they are much better quality because she used Daddy’s big, fancy camera.  Enjoy!


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