Week 47 (January 19-26): Daddy’s Birthday, The Lafayette Children’s Museum, Football, and Birthday Planning

This was a week of ups and downs for me.  I am still getting over this yucky cold that seems to be going around.  Daddy took me to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t RSV (one confirmed case at my school) or an ear infection.  I had been rubbing me ear and it was red so he thought it would be best to make sure (at Mummy’s urging).  I have had a few rough nights and even took a bottle late one night, which is very out of the ordinary for me.  Also, my morning naps have not been the greatest lately…to make up for it I’ve been taking monster naps in the afternoons!

This weekend was my Daddy’s 39th birthday!!  Mummy was still sick so she didn’t cook, but we did go out for Thai food on his birthday.  Turns out, I LOVE edamame, masaman curry, drunken noodles, and sticky rice with custard!  No big surprises there…we are still searching for any food I don’t like, lol.  I was very good in the restaurant and smiled at everyone there. 

On Saturday, Mummy was feeling better – yay!  She took me to the local children’s museum in Lafayette.  It was a lot of fun, but a little beyond my years.  It was mostly big kids playing with all of the really cool exhibits and running around.  There was no area designated for crawlers, like me.  We did find a music room that was a little more quiet and I loved playing with all of the fun instruments.  My favorite was the full size piano!  It had some Plexiglas covering the front and you could see the inside of the piano and see what happened when you bang on the keys.  At first, it was just fun banging on the keys.  Then I realized I could see what I was doing too and I really liked that part.  The other really cool part was a car that I got to “drive” while it moved.  Mummy says that we will go back a lot more when I am walking.  But, it is free for grownups all the time and free for me until I am 15 months so it’s a great deal! 

After the museum, Mummy decorated the kitchen and Daddy’s cake so we could celebrate again.  It was fun to watch Daddy blow out his candles.  I even got to try some of the cake.  YUMMY!!  My favorite part of the birthday stuff was the balloons!!  I LOVED playing with the balloons…here is video proof: 

On Sunday, after a rough morning and an excellent 3 hour and 15 minute afternoon nap Mummy and Daddy took me with them to see Miss Addy!  The grownups had fun hanging out, eating and watching football.  I met another little boy named Evan and of course, Miss Addy, and we played with all of her cool toys!  I loved her walker and her stand up little piano that I pushed around as a walked.  It was also great fun to chase a new dog around!  Roxy is super cute, but barks a lot when the opens.  I did not like the barking, but loved crawling around after her.  About an hour later than my usual bedtime (because I’d napped for sooooo long that afternoon) they put me to bed in Addy’s pack and play that her Daddy set up for me.  I had my sleep sack and lovie and my noise machine.  I slept like a rock until it was time to go home.  Then I slept more in the car.  when we got home, I got another bottle and went back to sleep for the night.  Mummy especially loved getting to put me to bed twice the night before she had to leave.

I hate that Mummy has to leave during the week.  I am getting more attached to my awesome Daddy though.  On the night I was having a hard time, I only wanted my Daddy to hold me and even cried and reached for Daddy when Mummy picked me up from Daddy’s arms.  Mummy got very sad about that 😦 

On Monday, I had my first rough day at school.  I was fussy and just wanted to be held.  Mummy and Daddy think it is probably because I am still getting over this cold and have not been sleeping as well….or because I am missing my Mummy.  I sure hope we win the lottery so Mummy can stay home with me! 

In more exciting news, Mummy ordered my birthday party stuff this weekend!  My party will be a Frog Prince theme and I’m the Prince!  To save money, Mummy got a package of stuff that she will print out and assemble herself.  It is super-duper cute and I can’t wait!  We are going to have lunch, snacks, drinks, and cake!  Mummy is making me a lemon cake with raspberry filling, just like Daddy’s cake (and just like Mummy and Daddy’s wedding cake!).  She will be making it vegan (and soy free) so she can eat some too and also for all of the babies with allergies.  I am also really excited for the toy exchange!  Instead of regular birthday presents, Mummy is asking everyone to just bring a toy or two that their kid(s) is sick of.  Then all of us with play with the toys and we will all “pick” (by who likes what the most) a “new” toy to take home.  She thinks it would be silly to buy new toys when we all have so many already!  She also thinks it will be nice for everyone to get a “present.” 

While Mummy’s “new” camera is broken, she still got some photos from my week with her old, also broken, camera (including a photo of my first art project – a star that I “texturized”):  

Here is a video Daddy took of me banging on the sliding glass door after school:

Also, Mummy forgot to post these videos from a few weeks ago…

Daddy feeding me and Nicholas the pumpkin bread that my Great-Nana T made:

Me, playing with an ice cube:


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