Week 46 (January 12-19): School, Family Dinner, Little Monkey Bizness, and My 2nd haircut

This was an interesting week.  Mummy is now gone during the weeks (Mon-Thurs) and I am now going to school.  I am getting used to my new routine.  I took off my first two official days of school because I threw up  the night before I was supposed to have my first day.  Daddy took excellent care of me and I got better quick…though poor Daddy has a yucky cold now 😦 

I’ve been doing really well in school!  Daddy drops me off around 9 am in the mornings and picks me back up by 2 pm.  On Fridays Mummy takes me.  I eat all of my food, take great naps, and play really nicely with the other babies.  Speaking of food, I have a new favorite – spinach hummus!  I love all the new toys and all the activities they have for us.  The activities are really just playing but it makes Mummy and Daddy extra proud to hear how well I am doing.  I am even taking longer naps at school now.  I started off only taking little naps…so much fun and excitement in the same room!  Now I can take more normal (for me) 90 minute naps – YAY! 

On Friday night we went out for a family dinner.  It was Mummy’s last day being vegetarian before going back to being a vegan so she wanted an eggplant parm sub.  She is going back to being a vegan as a reward to herself for losing 100 lbs – go Mummy!!  Daddy took us all to Original Pizza in Broomfield, right down the street from our house.  They have really good pizza!  Daddy had baked ziti, but I ate a whole lot of it.  I LOVED the baked ziti!!!  I also liked Mummy’s eggplant and even had a few small bites of pizza.  Mostly, I liked eating daddy’s baked ziti while watching an Italian soap opera on the TV above our table 🙂

I had a really fun weekend!!  Now that I am not sick anymore I got to go back to my gymnastics class at The Little Gym – HOORAY!!!  I really love my class.  This week Mummy got me up a few minutes too late and I missed the shaker bells and the name song we do at the beginning of each class.  Daddy stayed home to sleep because he has a cold – he thinks he got it from dropping me off at school 😦  I did make it in time to bang colored sticks together…except I only wanted to wave one around, but that’s OK, it was fun too!  Our “skill of the week” was hanging on bars.  Mummy spotted me and swung me up and down then finally let me hang and swing all by myself!  I am a great hanger!!  We also did the “trick of the week” which was a backwards roll with Mummy spotting me.  We did that before Christmas and I liked it then too.  We also got time to explore everything and play with balls and bubbles.  Next week if our “Showcase Class” where friends and family are invited to watch us do all the fun tricks and skills we learned and we also get a medal with our names on it!!!

On Sunday I had a play date with Mummy’s friend Laura’s little girl, the pretty little Miss Shelby.  I really like her – she’s almost walking and still makes the coolest sounds!  Mummy other friend Celia and the adorable Miss Elena were going to come too, but Miss Elena too a very long nap at the wrong time.  She was at my house later, but I slept through it 😦  We met Laura and Miss Shelby at Little Monkey Bizness – FUN!  After we played for a while, we went to lunch at The Cheeky Monk.  I got to sit right next to Miss Shelby at the table 🙂  By the time lunch was over, us little ones were pretty tired.  We went back to my house for a nap.  Once we were soundly sleeping, Celia came over with sleeping beauty, Miss Elena.  Miss Shelby woke up after 90 minutes and got to play with Miss Elena, but I took an almost 3 hour nap and missed them both 😦  I hope to get to see them both again before Miss Elena’s 1st birthday party next month!!

On Monday, I was lucky that Mummy didn’t have to fly out until the afternoon!!  After my morning nap she took me to get my second haircut – boy, my hair sure does grow FAST!!!  I got to sit in the same taxi as last time, but it was not quite as much fun.  I was tired and hungry because we had to wait 20 minutes for the haircut…and 20 minutes is a long time for a 10 month old!!  We met Daddy at Little Monkey Bizness while we waited, but I fell and bonked my head on the window so that wasn’t as much fun as the day before.  In the end, I got a great haircut and I’m looking neat and handsome as ever 🙂

Daddy did a good job and took these videos of me for Mummy this week:

Here I am walking with help from my Tonka truck:

Here I am eating my fig newton:

Mummy took this one of me cruising:

Here are some photos from this week (luckily, Mummy did better this week than last week with the photos!):


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