Week 45 (January 5-12): Throwing Up, Mummy Leaving and School

This week I threw up for time ever.  I don’t love it.  The first time I was trying to take a nap and felt yucky and was fussy, which was very strange for me, and then it happened.  I threw up all over myself and the crib.  Apparently I fell right asleep in it for about 20 minutes until Daddy came to get me.  I had stopped fussing so he had no reason to think I’d thrown up.  The only upside was that I got a fun bath in the morning!  Mummy and Daddy through it was a fluke and gave me a bottle before my next nap (I was acting totally normal) then about an hour and a half later I projectile vomited it all back up.  From there, they took it more seriously and started me very slowly on 1 teaspoon of Pedialite every 15 min.  I did fine for the rest of that day and the next day too.

On Sunday night, I threw up again 😦  Mummy had put be to bed at my normal time, around 5:30 pm.  I made a few little noises, but didn’t cry.  When Mummy came in to check on me before she went to bed, she found me sound asleep in a pile of vomit!!  I was covered in it and it was all over my crib.  Mummy took me out and put me in the tub while Daddy got my bed cleaned up and changed.  I did NOT like taking a bath in the middle of the night!  Mummy sais she was sorry but that she couldn’t put me back to sleep covered in vomit.  I guess that makes sense…I did stink.

I got more Pedialite and got rocked a lot before I finally went back to sleep.  I still did not feel good and was a little fussy.  I finally got back to sleep around midnight and slept fine the rest of the night.  I got another hug and more Pedialite from Mummy around 5:30 am.  So weird to see her that early!!

Here is why I saw Mummy so early on Monday – she was leaving!!!   Yes, leaving…she won’t be back until Thursday 😦  Mummy is very sad about it but she had to go back to work on Monday and since she is a consultant that means getting on a plane every Monday and flying home every Thursday.  The other option was to find a “regular” job locally.  I’m glad she went back to consulting because if she had to commute I wouldn’t get to see her at all, all day, Monday – Friday (because I go to bed too early and get up too late).  With her consulting, at least I get to see her Monday mornings, Thursday evenings and on Fridays.  Hopefully one day she’ll just be able to stay home with me!

Daddy has been taking excellent care of me while Mummy is gone.  On Monday and Tuesday I mostly only had Pedialite, rice congee (a little rice boiled with lots and lots of water…kind of like a rice porridge), banana, and some cheerios.  I didn’t throw up at all Monday or Tuesday and so far so good today.  I had to miss my first two days of school since I was sick and I have my first real day today! I’ll tell you all about it next week.

There are not as many photos as usual this week since I was sick and also because Mummy was not here to take them.  Daddy will do better taking photos next week and Mummy will take lots and lots over the weekend!


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  1. Polly Ortiz Says:

    Love this pics in the toy box!!

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