Week 44 (December 29 – January 5): Sledding, the New Year and School

This was a fun last week of the first year of my life!  It finally snowed – a lot!!  I was fascinated by all the white stuff floating down from the sky.  Mummy put me in my jumper next to the window and I just stared and stared.  I was all excited to go sledding but it was really, really cold!!  The very next day it was a teensy bit warmer and there was lots of good snow so Mummy and Daddy took me sledding!

While I was not  a fan of getting put into my new snowsuit, once I got strapped into my new sled (a super cool “infant bogan” from Dick’s) I was in heaven!!  Mummy and Daddy ran and pulled me along on the sidewalk.  I just giggled and squealed in delight!!  I was sad when we had to go back inside (I even fussed a little) but it was time because it was fuh-ree-zing!!!  I was mostly all snug in my new snowsuit, but my cheeks and nose were cold and pink!

Here is a video of me sledding:

Since it was a snow day Mummy and Daddy thought it would be a perfect time to introduce me to gilled cheese and tomato soup.  I LOVED it!!  It was the perfect little meal for after sledding.  Mummy says it is not an every day meal but every once in a while it’s ok. 

The same of as sledding was New Years Eve.  I went to bed at my normal time, but Mummy and Daddy told me that when I get older I can stay up and celebrate the new year with them.  Oh, and Mummy and Daddy did not stay up for it this year either…we are all pretty tired around here!

My very most exciting thing this week was going to school!!  Mummy is back at work and will be traveling again 😦  That means that I need to start going to school.  I had a “practice” day and went after my morning nap and stayed until right before dinner.  I LOVED it!!  I ate my lunch, played with new toys and friends, and even took a good nap!  Mummy says she feels a little bit better about leaving knowing that not only am I in good hands, but also that I will be having a lot of fun, meeting new friends and learning new things.

Speaking of learning new things, I am now clapping and waving.  Here is a video of me walking with my mail cart then waving to you:

Here are photos of my week (you can still see my boo boo on my lip in some of them, but I am feeling much better now!):


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