Week 43 (December 22-29): Christmas Eve, Christmas, My First Haircut, The Children’s Museum, and an Accidental Boo Boo

WOW, what a fun and exciting week!!

This week I experienced my first ever Christmas.  The fun and excitement actually started the day before on Christmas Eve.  Mummy and Daddy took me to The Brown Palace, a fancy hotel in Denver, for something called ‘Afternoon Tea.’  I’m told we were very lucky to get in because they start taking reservations for Christmas Eve Afternoon Tea on January 2nd!!  Mummy dressed me in a cute outfit that was the same colors Daddy was wearing – fun!  Nana Foo Foo and Tia Dia and her new boyfriend, Travis, were there too!  I enjoyed cucumber sandwiches, lemon gingerbread tart/cake and raspberry tart.  Yum!!  I’m still a great eater and will try anything.  There was a band that I loved to watch and I loved looking at all the lights and decorations.  Even though I got very tired at the end, I did not fuss one bit!  I went straight to bed when we got home.

In the morning, there were lots of shiny things under the tree and the fence was down!  Mummy and Daddy had a fence up to keep me away from the tree.  They put me down and I crawled straight to the tree and presents.  Mummy turned on this fun moose in a Santa suit with jingle bells on its antlers and he sang a Christmas song!  I LOVE that moose!!  I tried to unwrap a present but was not too impressed.  Mummy let me play in my new blow up car with lots of balls inside and that was fun.  My favorite thing of all though, was the black trash bag that Mummy and Daddy were using to put all the paper and bows into.  I was a little over whelmed!

I got a cool Tonka truck that I can ride from Aunt Monica and Uncle Scott:

Riding my Tonka truck!:

After my nap, Nana Foo Foo was there – she just shows up all over the place at random, but I’m always happy to see her!!  We all got in the car and went to Estes Park for Christmas Brunch at The Stanley Hotel.  Mummy and Daddy almost got married there!  It was pretty fun and I discovered that I LOVE butternut squash bisque – I had 2 bowls!!  Mummy thinks there should have been a separate, and lower price for vegetarians since the buffet was mostly meat stuff.  Oh well, it was still fun.  I fell asleep in teh car on the way home.

When we got back to my house there were more presents to open, this time from Nana Foo Foo.  I mostly played with the paper, but my new maracas, tambourine and bells were fun!  I got tired pretty fast and went to bed again for a nap.  When I woke up (or was rudely awakened by Mummy and Daddy) Tia Dia and her boyfriend Travis were there!  We did MORE presents before dinner.  Tia Dia got me this super fun cell phone that I just love!  She also got me a velcro strap that connects a toy to my wrist so I can’t drop it.  I love the drop it game!

The day after Christmas, Mummy and Daddy took me to get my very first haircut.  My hair was getting pretty long and shaggy so Mummy thought I needed a trim.  We went to Pigtails & Crewcuts at the Orchard shopping center near out house.  I got to sit in a yellow taxi during my haircut.  That was super fun!!  I loved turning the steering wheel!!  I also really loved getting to suck on the water squirt bottle.  I did super and enjoyed the whole thing.  Mummy and Daddy got a cool card with my photo, name, date, and little baggie of my hair to commemorate my first haircut.  Mummy and Daddy took me to lunch to celebrate!

After a day of rest I got to go to The Children’s museum with Mummy and Daddy.  Mummy’s friend Tara and my buddy Jax met us there…he is so cool and can walk and run all over the place now!  He is even almost as tall as me now (I am a giant!).  My favorite part of the museum is still the trees than I can pull up and stand next to.  I also really enjoy making out with myself in the mirror.  The only little bit yucky part of the trip was at the end when another kid was playing and knocked me over and bit my lip.   It bled and really hurt. There is a cut on the top of my lip and a puncture wound inside my lip 😦  Mummy says the other kiddo was probably just trying to give me a kiss and didn’t realize that teeth can hurt.  No big deal, it happens.

Just to be sure, Mummy and Daddy took me to the ER to have it checked out.  We would have just gone to my regular doctor, but they were closed.  They looked at it and cleaned it up and told Mummy and Daddy to watch for infection since human bites are the most likely to get infected.  I think it’s kind of funny that people mouths are dirtier than even dog mouths!  My lip was really swollen when we got home and I had some trouble with my night-night bottle but after some Tylenol I slept just fine.  It did get infected overnight though and we’re getting some antibiotics this afternoon. 

All in all it was a super fun week and now I need a vacation, LOL!

Here are some photos from my week:


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