Week 42 (December 15-22): The Children’s Museum, Stairs, Friends, and The Aquarium

What a super fun week!  Mummy is on vacation (she called it “PTO” though) and we’ve been doing tons of fun things 🙂  We’ve been to Little Monkey Bizness a lot and even met Miss Elena there one night.  She’s so pretty.  We shared some snacks too.  I got to see Miss Shelby this week too.  We both too a very long nap in my room.  Mummy says it’s ok to be in my room with a girl with the door closed right now, but when we get older it will be a very different story!!

I went to The Children’s Museum with Mummy and Daddy and guess who we found in the parking lot?!?!  NANA FOO FOO!!!  I was so excited…a little surprised, but very happy to see her.  She just pops up all over the place when I am least expecting to see her – FUN!!  I had a lot of fun and especially loved the trees in the meadow (in the museum).  I crawled and cruised all over and had a fun time fishing in a little boat called The Minnow!

Watch me fishing:

This week I mastered tha stairs – ALL of them!!  Before, I could get up one step but that was about it.  Then one day, I decided I wanted to get upstairs, so I went upstairs.  All by myself!!  Mummy and Daddy were there watching and spotting me, of course, but I did it all by myself!

I went to The Aquarium for the first time this week with Mummy.  I LOVED watching all the fish and turtles and other water things.  Some things I looked at from my stroller and some things I wanted to see a little closer.  For these, Mummy helped me out and I stood right up to the glass!!  I loved the tunnel where I could see big sharks, giant grouper, turtles and fish that all swam right over my head!!  Super cool!!  I even got to touch a star fish!!!  I hope we get to go again one day when I can walk through and see everything.

The other thing I did this week, and did a lot of, was Christmas shopping!  Mostly I stayed in my stroller and watched but there was a lot to see so it was fun.  Sometimes I got to play in the play area in the mall…I love that place!!

Here are some photos from my week:


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