Week 41 (December 8-15): Meeting Santa, Gymnastics Class, Jax’s 1st Brithday Party and Tia Dia’s Tree Trimming

Holy cannoli, this was a super duper busy week!!

The first exciting thing was going to meet Santa for the first time.  He was stopping by Little Monkey Bizness in Westminster so Mummy took me to see him and tell him what I want for Christmas.  I was a little unsure what to make of this big man with white gloves and a white beard.  I did great though!  After talking to Santa I got to have some playtime.  I had fun and made new friends and practiced my new flirting skills.  My new flirting method, which is very effective, is to smile, then duck my head into Mummy, then look back up and smile through my eyelashes,  Mummy thinks it’s hysterical…I think I’ve got pretty good game for a 9 month old!

On Saturday morning, Mummy took me to my very first gymnastics class at The Little Gym in Westminster (Westminster has all the cool stuff!).  I was in the “Birds” class which is 10-18 months.  The “Bugs” are 4-10 months but since I was so close to 10 months, I went right into the Birds.  Miss Anna, the teacher and owner, was so sweet.  She has a little boy who is big like me!  I loves shaking the bells, clamping my hands and watching all the big kids.  I particularly loved playing with and in and under the parachute and getting spotted to flip over the bars.  I just giggled and giggled when I got to hand and swing and spin over the bars – FUN!!  Everything was so bring and exciting!  I did so great and loved it so much that Mummy signed me up for more classes!  I can’t wait to go back next week!!

I am still an awesome eater 🙂  I still have some cereal in the morning, but need my Cheerios too.  For lunch and dinner I am eating very, very little baby food anymore – I am BIG BOY now!!  I eat all kinds of finger foods.  My favorites are tofu, peas, Cheerios, and pasta.  Here is a video of me having pasta with tomato sauce for the first time…it wss delicious (and messy!!)!!  You can also hear me babbling away.  I am making lots and lots of sounds now but I don’t say too many actual words yet (even though I said my first words over 2 months ago!)   

Jax’s First Birthday party was at Little Monkey Bizness…but not the one near my house.  There were TONS of people there.  26 babies/kids and 40 adults – he sure is popular!!!  I had a blast playing in the “big kid” area and of course, spend a considerable amount of time looking out and licking the window.  I also really loved this tunnel that I could crawl right through!  I got to see mt friends Jax, Shelby and Addy and meet and play with lots of other babies too!  Jax had a super cool cake that was three tiers high and really colorful!  I had to leave before he opened presents (I was very, very tired!!!) but I got him a Fisher Price Little People Farm – I hope he liked it!!  I also got a present too – a furry tickle monkey book and a lollipop (which Mummy won’t let me have because of all of the sugar)!!!  Such a great party!!

Tia Dia’s tree trimming was so much fun!  I was extra cute in my stripped Santa jammies with my matching hat.  I mingled, had some dinner at the bar (in my chair that hung on) and played.  There was even another baby there in the same exact outfit!!!  Baby Jake, who is itty bitty and only 6 weeks old, had my same jammies on.  I tried to play with him but he was sleeping for most of the time.  Tia Dia has an “exercise pole” that Mummy calles a “Fireman Pole” for me.  I LOVED it!!!!  I loved to hand on it, stand up on it, pull up and up on it and lick it.   Mummy spun me around it and I laughed and laughed.  Every time I was taken away I cried!!  Here is a video of me having fun with the pole:

This week I discovered that the kitchen is FULL of fun toys!!!  There are plastic cups, wooden spoons, spatulas, bundt pans and colanders!  I had a blast and played and played.  The measuring cups were my favorite.  Mummy played Peek-A-Boo with me by covering her face with the colander then pulling it up saying “Peek-A-Boo!”  I loved that!!  Then I took the colander and hid my face until Mummy asked “Where’s Thatcher” then I would lift it and she’s say “Peek-A-Boo!”  What a fun game!!!  I made it extra cute by sticking my tongue out every time I put the colander on my head.  Aren’t I so adorable?

Here are some photos from my week:


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