Week 38 (November 17-24): One very sick little boy with one very high fever – I’m better now though

Holy cow, this was a tough week!!  The week was going along pretty uneventfully when I woke up from a nap on Saturday and was burning up.  Mummy knew I had a fever for sure and sure enough it was 100.4  Not a huge fever, but not normal for me.  We waited and it kept going up and up until it got to 103!!  I was bright red and just not feeling good.  Mummy called the doctor in the afternoon just to check in.  She knew that even 103 was not something to be too worried about for a baby.  She was also doing a good job keeping me hydrated and as comfortable as possible.  I hung out in short sleeves or just a diaper a lot of the day.  I took some motrin before bed and went down in a short sleeve onsie and my lightest sleep sack.  I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep because I was so uncomfortable.  It was a pretty rough night.  I did finally get a few solid hours after 1 am, but Mummy did not.  When I don’t feel good I tend to moan, groan, and whimper a little bit in my sleep.  I am sound asleep but it wakes Mummy up.

In the morning, I did not feel any better.  On Sunday, my fever was around 104 for most of the day and even went as high as 105 – YIKES!!!  Mummy immediately dosed me with motrin and got me in a lukewarm tub.  I played a little, but not as much as usual.  It did help get my temp back down to 102-103.  That was scary!!!  Mummy and Daddy never, ever want to see it that high ever, ever again!!  Sunday was worse than Saturday because my fever was so much higher all day.  It was another rough night of rocking and holding (Mummy and Daddy don’t mind one bit though) but I did finally get some solid sleep from 11:30 pm until about 5:30 am.  I wasn’t up for the day until around 8″30 since I got a bottle at 5:30.  When I was up for the day on Monday, my temp was back down to 100 – YAY!.  Mummy decided that since it was down that I must be on the mend and decided not to make a doctor appointment for me.  Then, after my first nap, it was back up to 102.  She called the doctor and we went in a few hours later.  Of course, when we get there, my temp had gone down to 99.4 which is basically normal.  The doctor listened to my lungs which were all clear, and looked in my nose, throat and ears which were all tip-top.  Apparently it was just a virus du jour.  I took lots of naps on Tuesday and was back to normal.  That is not an experience I want to repeat anytime soon.  Even though I had no other symptoms besides the fever, it was not fun!!

Next week will have lots more photos and good stories.  I’m going to see the Rockettes tonight then Thanksgiving is the next day and we get the tree the day after that!!

Here is a photo of me sick and when I got better…you’ll know which is which!!

Feeling Yucky


All Better!