Week 37 (November 10-17): Pulling up, Tooth #2, Playtime, New Clothes, and a Gym Membership

What a fun week!  I got to go to a play group, two restaurants, play time at the mall and I got a SECOND tooth!  I’m also moving around even fasted and am pulling up on things and can get to standing all by myself!!  I can also sit back down on my own.  Whew!

 The play group was at Miss Laura and Shelby’s house.  There were lots of other babies and I was the biggest one – I’m getting pretty used to being the biggest.  I love getting to interact with babies now and I was especially enamored with a cool turtle that had lights all over it!  Pretty much all of us babies got tired at the same time and had to go home for naps.  I hope Mummy takes me to more play groups or hosts more playgroups.

The other fun playtime I got this week was a trip to the Cherry Creek Mall play area.  I pulled up on some of the big toys, but mostly I love watching all of the other babies and kids.  WOW, there were sooooo many kids and they were moving sooooo fast.  My Nana Foo Foo and Tia Dia came to play with me and we all went to the Kona Grill for dinner.  I had so much fun!

Mummy knows that as I’m getting bigger and more active it’s important that I get plenty of time to play and socialize.  Since I am not in daycare Mummy thought that adding me to their Lifetime Fitness membership so I can go to the daycare center and get some playtime in would be a good idea.  I can’t wait to go!  Mummy says that I’ll get to go mostly in the late afternoon, after nap #2 and bottle, but before dinner and bedtime.  I’m so excited!!

 I continue to get faster and more proficient with crawling.  I am still not totally on my knees yet but I am using them, and my feet, a lot more.  I love being able to get where I want to go without any help.  I’ve even started pulling up to standing all by myself.  Mummy is extra impressed that I can also get myself sitting back down on my own too!  Though I still can’t get into a sitting position from my back or tummy on my own.  I can lean on my side, but haven’t quite figured out how to push up into sitting.  I’m working on it…

Look at me go:

I got my first tooth last week and my SECOND this week!!  Mummy saw two teeth 7 weeks ago so she wasn’t too surprised.  They are SHARP and I keep chewing on my fingers and made a boo boo on one of them.  It’s getting better now, but I am sill feeling my teeth all the time.  My mouth used to be so soft!

You may have noticed how extra handsome I am in my photos this week.  Mummy went shopping!!  I got loads of new winter clothes and some super cute Christmas jammies that I get to start wearing the day after Thanksgiving.  My first Christmas – SO EXCITING!!

Here are some photos from my week:


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