Week 36 (November 3-10): Babyproofing, Playtime with Shelby, My Professional Photo Shoot, First Snow and MY FIRST TOOTH!

I am fully on the move these days and I’m getting FAST!!  While I’m still working on figuring out the whole knee thing, I can pull myself all over the house with my arms.  I especially love to chase Nicholas, and the door stops that “boing!” when I pull on them and the vents are pretty cool too!  Mummy and Daddy finally got the baby gates up and did other babyproofing like corner protectors and outlet covers.  I also got a new, soft toybox that covers the fireplace corner and gets my toys hidden at night.  One of the places I like to crawl to is a big stack of catalogs and magazines.  Here is a video of the end of me ripping up a catalog – fun stuff!

This week Mummy took me to meet Daddy for lunch.  We went to Old Tibet and I got to try some saag, channa masala, and tofu aloo – YUMMY!!!  I especially love the saag!  After lunch I had my favorite goodie…watermelon!!  I LOVE watermelon!!

One day this week I got to have Miss Shelby over to play all day!!  Mostly I slept while she played and she slept while I played but we did have about an hour of overlapping awake time 🙂    Shelby is a great crawler and knows how to use her knees and everything.  She can even sit up from crawling…I still need to learn that skill!  We had fun crawling around after each other and playing with all my toys.  Shelby wanted everything I put in my mouth.  I was a gentleman and let her take what she wanted 🙂  Our Mummies took us on a run in our BOBs too so it was a full day.  I even gave Miss Shelby one of my signature “head hugs” before she left…it was very, very cute!

Here are some videos of us:

The big event this week was my big 8 month photo shoot at the Denver Botanical Gardens with Miss Kristie Chadwick.  We were also doing a family photo for our annual holiday card.  I woke up all smiles and smiles all the way until the photo shoot began.  Then, I decided I did NOT want to smile for the camera.  Hopefully we still got some nice photos, but there were no smiles.  I did eat a lot of leaves though so hopefully that will be cute, LOL!

After the photo shoot we went to the new Mellow Mushroom that opened up downtown.  I had started to really cry in the car on the way over because I was so tired.  When we got there I perked back up and had fun looking at all the TVs and food always (ok, usually, not always) perks me up too.  We met the Mintos there and I got to see Jax 🙂  Mummy and Daddy were VERY disappointed with the pizza!!!  It is their favorite pizza in Atlanta and that is what they expected.  They overcooked the pizza and the whole meals was just not good 😦  The owner gave them $30 worth of gift cards to come back, but they are not sure they want to.  We will probably wait until we visit Atlanta to eat at Mellow Mushroom again.  Though I did like the tofu off the mega veggies Mummy and Daddy got 🙂

This week 2 other big things happened.  First, it SNOWED!!!!  Mummy was very excited and I liked watching it but didn’t feel it necessary to go out in it.  About an hour after we came back inside Mummy rushed over when I cried really hard in my exersaucer, which I never, ever do.  When I looked up she saw blood on the toy I was chewing on!!!  After she pried my mouth open (I clamped it shut, lol) she saw that my bottom tooth finally popped all the way through!!!!!  She had seen the tooth a teeny bit SIX whole weeks ago!  I guess it wanted to take its time popping all the way up.  I am proud to be the new owner of a tooth!!!

Here are this weeks photos!  Mummy will post my professional photos as soon as she gets them back in a  week or two.


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