Week 35 (October 27 – November 3): The Huckleberry, My Pimped Out BOB, and My First Halloween!!!

What an exciting week!!

I went to my favorite restaurant, The Huckleberry, for brunch.  I mostly ate my own food that Mummy and Daddy brought, but Mummy let me try a few little bites of her blueberry pancakes.  They were pretty good!  I made friends with another family sitting near us.  I am extremely smily in the mornings these days!

This week I went for a few runs with Mummy in my BOB.  I have fun for the first 45-60 minutes then I get really fussy.  It is usually because I’m tired and the BOB is not super comfortable to sleep in.  So, Mummy “pimped my ride!”  She started just making me a fuzzy seat pad then made me a head/back pillow and side pillows to lean on.  She also made a fleece blanket thing that covers the infant bars and keeps my legs covered.  I love to sit up by hanging onto the infant bars, but they get cold so Mummy covered them!  The bars are usually where the toys live sp she added some toy loops so I can still ride with my goodies!  The last thing Mummy made was a cover to keep the sun out of the sides and it covers the whole thing so I can sleep better.  I LOVE my new BOB 🙂

The most exciting thing of the week was my first HALLOWEEN!!  I dressed up as Baby Bear and Mummy and Daddy were Mama and Papa Bear.  Their costumes were pretty lame though and only consisted of brown sweaters.  I was in a full bear suit with a bear hood/hat thing that kept falling over my eyes.  We had a party on Halloween and Mummy made lots of near Halloween themed food including a pumpkin shaped cake, forked eyeballs (donut holes), and a haunted graveyard (spinach hummus dip)!  Lots of my friends came and everyone looked fantastic in their costumes!!!  We tried to do a shot of all the babies on the sofa, but nobody wanted to smile or sit facing forward at the same time.  We did finally get one of us with our Mummies holding us. 

After everyone left Mummy remembered that I had Superman PJs.  Mummy and Daddy wish they had remembered these for later in the party after we got out of our big, bulky costumes.  They were a little big (size 2T!!) but still super cute 🙂    While I am still too little for real trick or treating, we did go to see our neighbors Wanda and George.  Mummy also let me play with the candy bowl, but I wasn’t that into it.  That will probably change next year though!

Mummy took more photos this week – yay!


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