Week 34 (October 20-27): Working to Crawl, Reiki, Football with Daddy, and My 1st Cold

I love Daddy’s iPhone!  Here is a video of  me trying to eat it:

I’ve been making excellent progress toward crawling!!  I use my arms to pull myself forward and have started getting up on my knees and rocking a little.  Mummy thinks I’ll be crawling on all fours soon.  I am definitely very eager to get to things!!  It does make me very tired though and I’ve started taking the occasional third nap again.  Mummy likes this very much!

Look at me go!

On Saturday Mummy and I got a Reiki session!  It was my second time.  I had my first Reiki session when I was about 2 months old.  I liked it very much and was very still for it which was nice since I am becoming a little squirmy worm!  I also did some directing and put Susan’s hands where I wanted them.  The next day Mummy went to a Tibetan Singing Bowl workshop to become a sound healer (she is already a Reiki practitioner so I get lots of that at home too).  I went back with her to get her set of bowls and got to sit in on an extra lesson she got.  I love the bowls!

This weekend, Mummy went to afternoon tea with a bunch of other Mummies and I stayed home with the Daddies and babies.  Jax and Addision came over with their Daddies.  They were supposed to watch some football, but we took over the attention and Mummy thinks they may have gotten a little taste of just how time consuming we are, lol. 

Jax is all over the place – very impressive!  So is Addy!!  She is only 1 day older than me but much smaller and more mobile.  I had a lot of fun with them and learned a thing or two…the next morning I really took off with this crawling thing! 

The day after the football and afternoon tea, I started to get my first cold L  My nose was very runny and stuff at the same time.  I do NOT like when Mummy has to use the snot sucker to get the goop out of my nose!!  That night I had my first “bad” night since before I was 8 week old.  I was up at 11 pm, 12 am, 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, and 4 am until Mummy finally got me to sleep until 8:30 am.  I kept waking up when my nose was stuffed up and I tried to suck my thumb and couldn’t breath.  I’ve had lots of steam baths (bath in Mummy and Daddy’s bathroom in the tub while the separate shower steamed things up).  I was very proud to be in such a huge tub!  I’ve had an off and on low temp (<100) but only had that one bad night.  Mummy and Daddy turned the humidifier in my room to the warm setting and turned up the steam.  They also got a plug in kids vaporizer that makes the room smell funny…it does help me sleep though.  I am starting to feel better, but I am not 100% yet.  Neither is Mummy (she gave me her cold!).

Mummy did a very bad job of taking pictures this week.  It could be because we were both sick so I’ll let it slide…this time 😉


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