Week 33 (October 13-20): The Mall, Watching a Marathon, and the Pumpkin Patch

I am still loving my cookies and am very happy that Mummy usually gives me one when she is getting my dinner ready.  Here are two videos of me eating my cookie before dinner.  I look like I’m naked and only wearing a bib, but I do have a diaper on.  I’d just wet through my outfit and it was dinner time so Mummy decided to feed me like this.  In one of the videos I am showing off my new(ish) Bumbo scootching skills!

Over the weekend, I went to the mall with Mummy.  She wanted to get out of the house for a while and had some errands to run.  I had taken a really short 45 min morning nap so was already tired.  I rode around in my BOB stroller and showed Mummy a new trick!  I can sit up and hang onto the infant adapter bars to keep myself that way!  usually I just sit there and veg, but when I can sit up, I am totally engaged, smiling at people and laughing.  It’s great fun!!!  We walked all over the place and there was so much to look at…I especially liked the Build a Bear Workshop and the Disney Store.  Just before lunch, Mummy took me to the play area.  While I still can’t crawl, I had a lot of fun sitting and playing with the toys on the wall and also standing and hanging onto the toys in the floor that the big kids can play on, climb and slide down.  The thing I was the most interested in though were all those big kids and watching how fast they move!  I want to do that!!  I also met a nice little boy who was a littler smaller than me despite being 12 months old.  He could crawl and pull up and everything.  We held hands and patted each other and played together at the wall toys.  I think I’d like to go back there again!  I got to have lunch at the food court and had my cereal in a high-chair.  After lunch I was so tired, but Mummy was not done yet.  I fussed in the BOB so I got to hang with Mummy in the Ergo…I fell asleep almost immediately!  Mummy was able to get me from the Ergo back into the fully reclined BOB and I snoozed for about 30 min.  Then I woke up, relaxed in the BOB for a while and got fussy again toward the very end and Mummy put me back in the Ergo and I fell asleep again.  Mummy said the Ergo was a lifesaver today!

I got to watch  my first marathon & 1/2 marathon this week!  My friend Miss Shelby’s Mom ran the 1/2 marathon…just 7 months after having a baby!!  Very impressive!  Mummy bundled me all up in my new bear hat and mittens.  I was confused when my hands were in the mittens and kept looking at them trying to find my fingers.  Mummy parked far away from the finish so we could run to the finish.  I loved looking around at all the people and dogs.  We finally found Laura at the finish – she did a GREAT job!!!  We went to Peet’s Coffee after then sat in lobby of the Sheraton and Mummy fed me so I could happily nap in the car.  After I finished I played for a little bit while Mummy and Laura chatted.  Laura let me touch her finishers medal and I really loved it.  Maybe one day I’ll get one too!

I got to go to my very first pumpkin patch this weekend!  Even though I don’t quite understand Halloween yet, I still had fun.  We went with the Mintos which is always a lot of fun and I like Jax.  I hope I can be as good a mover as Jax one day!  I helped Mummy and Daddy pick out four pumpkins.  After we got the pumpkins we went to take more photos and to look at animals.  There were ducks, bunnies, big pigs, little pigs, lambs and a baby cow.  Daddy says that we get to carve one of the pumpkins this week or weekend.  I have no idea what that means but I’m excited!

I’ve started greeting Mummy and Daddy int he morning and after naps by reaching my little hands through the crib slats while leaning on the bumper.  It is very cute!  While I have not started pulling myself all the way up yet Mummy thinks it will happen sooner than she is ready for!  She does help me get to standing so I can hold onto the crib from standing – I think this is pretty neat!!

I now LOVE “playing” with the baby in the mirror!

I got a cool new toy today!  A blue rocking puppy!!  At first I wasn’t too sure what it was but after Mummy showed me I loved having a new place to sit.  I should be able to use this toy for years to come – YAY!


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