Week 32 (October 6-13): Cookies, a Cookout, and Crawling (almost)

I had a great week this week…then again, I usually have a great week so no big surprises there.  I said “Hi” to Nana Foo Foo and she was very excited!!  Mummy is glad that more people than just her have heard me talking so people will believe her now since I’m ridiculously young to be talking.  Then again, Mummy talked when she was only seven and a half months so I guess it runs in the family!  We’re not sure when Daddy started talking.

My Daddy graduated from college!!!  Hooray Daddy!!!  To celebrate we had a chili cookout with lots of friends over.  Mummy made turkey white bean chili and vegetarian chili and Daddy made brats on the grill.  Mummy also made chocolate chip cookies and I got to try my very first cookie – YUMMY!! 

There were so many babies and I got to play with all of my friends.  Some of them are excellent movers!!  It seems like Miss Shelby and I are about on the same page without crawling.  We’ve got the pieces and parts, but just have quite put it all together yet.   I can get up on my knees, push backwards and spin and roll in any direction.  At the end of this week I have just started wanting to get places.  I am especially interested in getting to and picking at my favorite bears on the quilt that my Great-Nana T (Mummy’s Nana) made for me.  Mummy thinks I will be crawling very soon, or at least army crawling.

Since I’ve been so very interested in new foods and things I can chew, Mummy finally broke down and got me some snacks that she did not make.  She got me Gerber puffs, which I love, but can’t quite get in my mouth on my own yet.  I also got Gerber Biter Biscuits which, to Mummy and Foo Foo’s surprise I was able to bite, chew and eat in its entirely pretty quickly!  So, Mummy got me some Earth’s Best Teething Biscuits on Tara’s advice that they are too hard to actually bike pieces off of.  She warned Mummy they are messy, but she got them anyway.  I LOVE them and yes, they are very messy, but no, I cannot take a bite.  They are a great distraction when Mummy needs to get my food ready and I am already hungry.

Speaking of food, I have decided that for my afternoon bottle, I only want it if I can do it myself.  I prefer to lounge in my boppy while drinking…the gravity helps me hold it when it is full.  I am quite proud of myself for being able to do this on my own!

I have also gone with Mummy on a few runs this week in the BOB.  I usually enjoy it and just chill out and watch the world go by.  This week, a few dogs barked as we ran by (not very fast…pick it up Mummy!!) and I cried.  Apparently I don’t like dogs barking this week.  It’s never bothered me before and Mummy hopes it is just temporary.

Here are some photos of this week.  Next week I’ll have photos of me at the pumpkin patch!


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