Week 31 (September 29 – October 6): 7 Months, Bumper Escape, Playdate, Bleeding Boo Boo, and MY FIRST WORDS!!

Well folks, this was a pretty exciting week!  I started the week by showing Mummy and Daddy how I can untie and pull of the bumper in my crib.  I only do it when I’m awake and no body has come to get me.  Mummy explained that this happens sometimes because I never, ever cry in my crib so unless they are watching the video monitor very closely, nobody knows when I wake up.  I am very proud of myself when I get the bumper off!  Mummy is leaving it on, just tied better, because I like to sleep leaning against it like a pillow and also smoosh my head against it and prop my feet up on it.  Since I can’t have real pillows yet, it’s the best Mummy and Daddy can do.

I had a fun playdate this week and was awake for almost the whole time – a first!  Celia brough Miss Elena over so our Mummys could have lunch and catch up.  Elena is much smaller than me but can crawl and pull up and everything!  I decided that every toy Elena was playing with was the toy I wanted too.  I made her cry when I took a toy away.  Mummy was not happy with me.  She said that I need to share and that it is never ok to make a girl cry!  Elena has very pretty hair and I kept trying to pet her like I pet Nicholas…at least I was gentle and didn’t make her cry doing this!

The one yucky part of my week was really only yucky for Mummy.  She was clipping my nails, which get so long and I scratch myself with them.  I jerked and Mummy accidentally snipped the tip of my thumb 😦  It bled and bled and Mummy freaked out a little trying to stop it and find a little band-aid.  I did not notice at all.  No crying, no fussy face, nothing.  Zero reaction at all.  Mummy is now a little worried that I may have inherited her tolerance for pain…not as fun as it sounds.  The only thing I did notice, however, was the bright blue crayon band-aid that Mummy put on my thumb.  I thought that was just the coolest!!

So, here is the super-duper exciting, big, huge milestone news — I said my FIRST WORD!!!  Really!!  On October 3, my 7 month birthday, Mummy was walking toward me in my exersaucer and said “Hi Thatcher!” and I looked up and said “Hi.”  Seriously!!!  Then I said it a few more times to Mummy.  After about 20 minutes of Mummy saying “Hi Thatcher, hello!”  I said “Hello.”  Mummy was pretty stunned!!  My “Hi” is pretty perfect, but my “Hello” sounds a little more like “Hella” though I use it in perfect context.  I have never made these sounds as babbles before, ever.  The next day I told Daddy “Hi.”  I never use it incorrectly or randomly.  Mummy and Daddy have deemed me a genius!

Here are some photos of my week…aren’t I getting super handsome?  Mummy and Daddy sure think so 🙂


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