Week 30 (September 22-29): A Birthday Party, Swimming date, and 2 Teeth!!

I had a pretty fun week this week.  It was my Nana Foo Foo’s 61st birthday and I got to play with balloons, streamers and drink some juice from a champagne flute!  In addition to just being her birthday, which is exciting in and of itself, she was also just given a clean bill of health and is cancer free for 10 years!!!  This means she no longer has to have an oncologist – hooray!!

Earlier in the week I got to go to Party City with Mummy for lots of decorations for Foo Foo’s party.  It was only a small party, just Mummy, Daddy, Nana Foo Foo and Tia Dia, but exactly what my Foo Foo wanted.  Daddy took great care of me and I have so much fun playing with him while Mummy put up the decorations.  I loved the balloons and streamers – FUN!  I also really, really wanted to participate in the toast and kept reaching for my own champagne flute.  Tia Dia got me a glass and Mummy put my juice (1/4 apple juice and 3/4 water) in it for me.  I drank from it and love it!

The next day I had a play date at the pool with Miss Shelby and Miss Elena.  We went to the Broomfield Recreation Center and, boy, was it ever crowded!!  I was lucky that my swim trunks, last worn when I was 3 months old, still fit!!  Granted, they were pretty big back then, but I’ve grown a LOT since then!!  Mummy had fun talking with Laura and Celia while we went around the “lazy river.”  Mummy brought me a float to sit it, but I was very lukewarm about it, as was Shelby.  Miss Elena, the oldest and definitely most mobile, loved it!!  We let Celia and Miss Elena borrow it since they go to the pool much more often and since Miss Elena liked it so much.

BIG NEWS:  I have TWO bottom teeth coming in.  The 2 center teeth.  Mummy and Foo Foo both saw the two white little dots.  Who knows how long it will be until they come all the way up, but it definitely explains why I have not been in so much pain and not needed any orajel or Tylenol (generic) recently – they poked through!!  Mummy thinks I am growing up too fast.


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