Week 29 (September 15-22): Date at the park, Brunch in Nederland, and Choking on Pumpkin

This was a fun, and scary week!  I had a date at the park with pretty Miss Elena.  Boy, can she move!  She is crawling and pulling up and everything – I only roll.  I am doing a whole lot more rolling though and Mummy thinks I will crawl soon.  We had lunch at the park and there was a yucky bee that scared Mummy and Celia – they did NOT want me or Elena to get stung!  We moved to a nice shady area under a big tree.  We sat on the cool bag that turns into a blanket that my Tia Dia got my Mummy for Christmas.  It was the first time I’d discovered grass!  I loved looking at it and pulling big handfuls of it up.  It was also nice and soft when I decided to fall backwards from sitting.  Next weekend, I get to see Elena again at the pool.  Shelby is coming too – yay!  My two favorite girls 🙂

This weekend Mummy and Daddy took me up to Nederland for Sunday brunch.  I took a nice snooze in the car and was happy when we got there.  Daddy had found this little place called The Sundance Cafe when he was appraising a house up there.  I sat in a high chair like a big boy and eat my breakfast there too!  I did a good job flirting with everyone around me and Daddy called me a chick magnet!  Probably because I was wearing my “Chicks Dig Me” bib 😉  Mummy and daddy decided that it should be a new Sunday tradition to go up to the mountains for brunch.  Maybe next week we can go to Estes Park!

I keep on being a good eater, though I am less and less enamored with the bottle.  I gave Mummy a huge scare when she tried to give me pumpkin.  I did NOT like it and instead of making a face or spitting it out, I just held it in my mouth and refused to swallow.  I opened my mouth for more, so so Mummy thought, and she gave me another bite.  Still no swallowing!  Then I started turning very scary colors and really, truly choking!!  Mummy quickly scooped the pumpkin out and wacked me on the back until it was out and I could breath again.  Mummy was very, very scared but now realizes that when I don’t like something, there is no big production or faces or spitting it out.  I just won’t swallow it so you need to be really careful if you are feeding me something new.   Even though I hated eating pumpkin, I loved playing with the mini-pumpkin Mummy got me!

Speaking of pumpkins, it’s almost Halloween!!  Mummy already got my costume, but you’re just going to have to wait to see it 😉

On a brighter note about food, I LOVE yogurt and eat one or usually 2 containers (4 oz) of Yo-Baby yogurt every day.  Yummmmm.  I also got to try cottage cheese.  Mummy knows I need to keep practicing chewing and I did super with it.  Another new favorite is when Mummy gives me a banana to chew on and eat…even though I also play with it.  I also tried watermelon pieces and chewed them up like a pro!  Now, whenever anyone is eating near me, I stare and stare and sometimes I drool.  This is why I got to try watermelon this morning!

All in all, a good week 🙂  Here are some photos of the past week…


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