Week 28 (September 8-15): Avocado (yuk!), First night away from Mummy & Daddy, and Finger Foods

It finally happened!!  I found a food that I do not like at all…avocado!!  Daddy thinks it must be the texture, but since Mummy doesn’t care for avocado much either she wasn’t all that surprised.  Since it’s not exactly a staple food, Mummy is not too worried about it.  Afterall, I like everything else!!  Here is the current list of foods that I eat and like, in the order I tried them: rice cereal, sweet potato, banana, peas, apples, spinach, peaches, oatmeal, green beans, whole wheat cereal, blueberries, barley cereal, carrots, mixed cereal, tofu, winter squash, pears, summer squash, avocado, and Greek yogurt!  Up next are melon, broccoli, and corn.

Another milestone is food happened just today.  Finger food!  Mummy has been looking at all the finger foods in the store and knows it’s about time for me to give them a try.  She just can’t bring herself to buy such processed stuff for me (yay!) so I got my first all natural finger foods tonight – cut up peaches and cooked apples.  I  wasn’t quite sure about them at first and had fun squashing them between my fingers, but pretty quickly figured out that I needed to chew.  After a few bites, i was a pro!  Mummy is going to keep coming up with new finger foods for me to practice with and hold off on anything processed as long as possible.

I’m drinking a little bit more water now.  I am getting ok with the sippy cup, but prefer a glass.  It’s a big mess, but it’s fun and I get more water.  Mummy just got a few more sippy cups for me to try so we’ll have to see how that goes.  Since I am eating more than I am drinking my poops can get a little more firm than Mummy would like and she doesn’t want me to get dehydrated, hence the water.  She makes me fresh juice with her juicer too.  So far, I’ve only had apple, but I’m a fan!

This week, I spend my first night without Mummy or Daddy.  Mummy had to go to Vail to get her hip boo boo worked on.  You can read all about that here.  My Nana Foo Foo stayed with me and I was very good for her.  I didn’t get nervous at all because I see her every day during the week and I love her so much!  Mummy wrote a LOT of notes for Foo Foo, even though Foo Foo is here all the time and knows all my routines.  Everything went well and I was so happy to see Mummy and Daddy when they got home!!

Here are some photos of my week:


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