Week 27 (September 1-8): 6 months, new foods, and my first hike

This week I turned 6 months old!!  I am getting so big!!  I had to go back to the doctor and did not like that visit one bit.  Granted, I was tired going in due to some less than stellar nap time and probably a bit hungry since I would not take my bottle before we left the house.  I was fine when we got there then the second my back hit the paper ont he table for Mummy to get my undressed I started SCREAMING!!  Not crying, but all out, turn my body beet red, screaming!!  Mummy and daddy had never ever heard me scream like that.  I calmed down enough to get measured and weighed…I am 20 lbs 12 oz (1 bottle away from 21 lbs!!) which put me in the 95-97%  I am 29 inches tall which is, again, OFF THE CHART!!  The doctor has revised his weight estimate at a year from 23 lbs (HA!) to 26-28 lbs.

After the nurse left and we were waiting for the doctor to some in I finally calmed down a bit to just some wimpers.  I was ok in Mummy’s arms while she talked to the doctor.  I am on track for everything!  The last question before the doctor looked at me was “any stranger anxiety yet?”  Mummy and Daddy both said no, he’s great.  No sooner had they said that did the doctor come over, look at me and I lost it and started just screaming and crying.  Ok, so maybe a little stranger anxiety!  I continued to SCREAM during the entire exam.  Yikes!  After he left, I got dressed again and calmed down a little.  Keep in mind, there were no shots…yet.  The nurse came back and I was screaming again.  I got the oral vaccine and the 3 shots and, of course, screamed.  As soon as Mummy picked me back up, mere seconds after the shots, I stopped crying and just slumped in her arms.  I had completely exhausted myself!  Mummy and Daddy got me snapped back up and out of there as fast as they could.  I was done crying, exhausted, and even fell asleep in the car. What a rough visit!!!

On a happier note, I keep getting fun, new foods to try!  Whole wheat, blueberries, barley, and carrots were on the menu this week.  I liked them all but carrots are a new favorite!!!  Mummy is now starting to mix fruits and veggies so I can get new flavors.  So far, I love peas and sweet potatoes together and applesauce with peaches, peaches with blueberries and peach/apple/blueberry sauce!  I also love veggies mixed into barley, wheat, rice, or mixed cereal and any fruit at all mixed into oatmeal.  Today, I get to try tofu!!  Remember, I’m a vegetarian baby 🙂

This weekend, I went to Nana Foo Foo’s house and got to see my Tia Dia and her friend Raina too.  Apparently the stranger anxiety really has set in because I forgot my Tia Dia 😦  I warmed up but I definitely wish I could see her more!  After I had some lunch and played for a bit, Mummy, Daddy, Foo Foo and I went to the Aquarium.  Actually we only went to the restaurant, but we sat right next to a huge tank of fish.  There were even sharks!!  I just loved looking at the fish and bubbles!  I had fun, but apparently the food was very bad and over priced and Mummy got food poisioning from te bruschetts 😦

This weekend, I got another sweet, new ride!!  My original sweet ride is my BOB stroller 🙂  This new ride is a Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier.  It’s a backpack that I get to sit in while Mummy and Daddy hike or walk around places.  i LOVE it!!  I am up high and can see all over the place.  The same day we got it, we went for a hike at Marshall Mesa Trail in Golden.  It was the day of the big Gold Hill fire and while we could see it very well, the air was clear where we were.  I fell asleep pretty quickly in the Kelty, despite just having woken up from a nap!  I slept leaning over with my head sticking out of the  pack.  Mummy took us out a little too long for a first hike and I started really crying just a minute or so from the car.  She got me out and held me back to the car and I hugged and hugged all the way.  I am getting very good at hugging and like to do it all the time.  It’s very sweet!

Here are some photos from this week!


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