Week 26 (August 25 – September 1): Sippy Cup, My first 5K, and Green Beans!

I am growing up so fast!! While Mummy had tried to give me a sippy cup a few times before, I’d had absolutely no interest at all.  Then, one morning, I saw Mummy’s water bottle (she ALWAYS has one!!) and wanted it really bad!  Mummy let me play with it to see what I wanted to do.  Well, I put the nipple part right in my mouth and tried to drink!  Since her water bottles require you to suck really, really hard, she had Nana Foo Foo get me my own sippy cup to try, again.  This time, I pulled it right to my mouth and started chewing on the sippy part.  It worked!!  I loved it!!      

I did my very first 5K this week!!  Actually, Mummy and Daddy did all the running, but I rode in the BOB and cheered them on when I wasn’t snoozing.  It was the Drop Your Drawers and Run Wild 5K & Family Zoo LoopIt is a charity event benefiting UNDERWARENESS, an organization that helps provide homeless children with new underwear.  While, like Mummy, I do NOT support or condone zoos in any way shape or form, I liked the charity the event was supporting…everyone needs new underware!  Here is a link that does a pretty good job of summing up my feelings about zoos: http://www.mercyforanimals.org/zoos.asp   

Pre-Race with Daddy

With Mummy Pre-Race

With Daddy Post Race

Post Race with Mummy


I am also still loving my jumper…except that I “run” in my jumper, instead of walking:

 Mummy switched my formula and diapers on me this week.  My new formula is the Safeway brand, Mom to Mom and it compares to Enfamil Premium, which I had been getting…except it’s $10 cheaper per can!  I can’t tell the difference, or if I can, I have not let Mummy know about it.  I am also now using the Safeway brand, Mom to Mom supreme diapers and Mummy likes them even better than the Pampers Baby Dry I had been using.  They hold more, don’t pouf up when wet, are higher in the back (i.e. no poop squirting up when I poop while sitting), and don’t make any marks around my legs.  She’s kind of kicking herself that she didn’t try them sooner.  More expensive brand names do not equal better!    

I keep getting to try new foods and I’m quite pleased with that. Mummy reintroduced me to oatmeal after my first try gave me a rash on my face. Apparently I was just having an off day because now I am 100% fine with it. I particularly like oatmeal with bananas! The next new food was green beans…despite Mummy hearing that lots of babies don’t like them, I showed her when I gobbled them up and made them my new favorite!! Right now peas and green beans are my favorites. My least favorite is peaches (Mummy does NOT understand this!!) but I still like them and eat them. Another favorite of mine is rice cereal with spinach…yup, spinach! I am a super duper eater!! I am also more interested in grabbing and ‘using’ the spoon. This is very messy but Mummy knows that it is how I will learn. Besides, baths are fun!

"Using" my spoon!

Fun in the tub!

I am getting GREAT at sitting up and it’s what I want to do most of the time now.  I am getting better with toys and Mummy got me some new ones to play with and I love them all!  I am finally big enough to ride in the shopping cart when we go to the store now.  I still need a little extra support on my sides so Mummy stuffs some blankets in there as ‘armrests’ and I am happy as the bunnies in our garden!  I love looking at everything in the store…so many colors and shapes.  I particularly like looking at the balloons in the supermarket.  

Shopping with Mummy

With my loot!

Mummy, Daddy, and I had a super fun playdate this week with Jax and his parents.   He is 2.5 months older than me but smaller than me.   Though he is VERY advanced in lots of other things.  He crawls all over the place, and FAST!  He pull sup on things and cruises…he’s going to walk soon!  He can eat finger foods too!  He has lots of fun toys and when I first sat down to play I was so tickled with all the toys that I just laughed and laughed.  I also got to see Miss Shelby this week too.  She is so pretty and makes really funny noises…she even taught me one!  We didn’t get to play much though because I was hungry and got fussy and demanded my dinner! 

Playing with Jax

So happy with the new toys!

Fun with Jax

Later this week Mummy says I have to go back to the doctor for my 6 month check up – can you belive how fast I’m growing up?!?!?  I am not looking forward to the shots, but Mummy says I need them so I don’t get very sick.  All of my family is going to get flu shots too so we don’t get sick!


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