Week 30 (September 22-29): A Birthday Party, Swimming date, and 2 Teeth!!

I had a pretty fun week this week.  It was my Nana Foo Foo’s 61st birthday and I got to play with balloons, streamers and drink some juice from a champagne flute!  In addition to just being her birthday, which is exciting in and of itself, she was also just given a clean bill of health and is cancer free for 10 years!!!  This means she no longer has to have an oncologist – hooray!!

Earlier in the week I got to go to Party City with Mummy for lots of decorations for Foo Foo’s party.  It was only a small party, just Mummy, Daddy, Nana Foo Foo and Tia Dia, but exactly what my Foo Foo wanted.  Daddy took great care of me and I have so much fun playing with him while Mummy put up the decorations.  I loved the balloons and streamers – FUN!  I also really, really wanted to participate in the toast and kept reaching for my own champagne flute.  Tia Dia got me a glass and Mummy put my juice (1/4 apple juice and 3/4 water) in it for me.  I drank from it and love it!

The next day I had a play date at the pool with Miss Shelby and Miss Elena.  We went to the Broomfield Recreation Center and, boy, was it ever crowded!!  I was lucky that my swim trunks, last worn when I was 3 months old, still fit!!  Granted, they were pretty big back then, but I’ve grown a LOT since then!!  Mummy had fun talking with Laura and Celia while we went around the “lazy river.”  Mummy brought me a float to sit it, but I was very lukewarm about it, as was Shelby.  Miss Elena, the oldest and definitely most mobile, loved it!!  We let Celia and Miss Elena borrow it since they go to the pool much more often and since Miss Elena liked it so much.

BIG NEWS:  I have TWO bottom teeth coming in.  The 2 center teeth.  Mummy and Foo Foo both saw the two white little dots.  Who knows how long it will be until they come all the way up, but it definitely explains why I have not been in so much pain and not needed any orajel or Tylenol (generic) recently – they poked through!!  Mummy thinks I am growing up too fast.


Week 29 (September 15-22): Date at the park, Brunch in Nederland, and Choking on Pumpkin

This was a fun, and scary week!  I had a date at the park with pretty Miss Elena.  Boy, can she move!  She is crawling and pulling up and everything – I only roll.  I am doing a whole lot more rolling though and Mummy thinks I will crawl soon.  We had lunch at the park and there was a yucky bee that scared Mummy and Celia – they did NOT want me or Elena to get stung!  We moved to a nice shady area under a big tree.  We sat on the cool bag that turns into a blanket that my Tia Dia got my Mummy for Christmas.  It was the first time I’d discovered grass!  I loved looking at it and pulling big handfuls of it up.  It was also nice and soft when I decided to fall backwards from sitting.  Next weekend, I get to see Elena again at the pool.  Shelby is coming too – yay!  My two favorite girls 🙂

This weekend Mummy and Daddy took me up to Nederland for Sunday brunch.  I took a nice snooze in the car and was happy when we got there.  Daddy had found this little place called The Sundance Cafe when he was appraising a house up there.  I sat in a high chair like a big boy and eat my breakfast there too!  I did a good job flirting with everyone around me and Daddy called me a chick magnet!  Probably because I was wearing my “Chicks Dig Me” bib 😉  Mummy and daddy decided that it should be a new Sunday tradition to go up to the mountains for brunch.  Maybe next week we can go to Estes Park!

I keep on being a good eater, though I am less and less enamored with the bottle.  I gave Mummy a huge scare when she tried to give me pumpkin.  I did NOT like it and instead of making a face or spitting it out, I just held it in my mouth and refused to swallow.  I opened my mouth for more, so so Mummy thought, and she gave me another bite.  Still no swallowing!  Then I started turning very scary colors and really, truly choking!!  Mummy quickly scooped the pumpkin out and wacked me on the back until it was out and I could breath again.  Mummy was very, very scared but now realizes that when I don’t like something, there is no big production or faces or spitting it out.  I just won’t swallow it so you need to be really careful if you are feeding me something new.   Even though I hated eating pumpkin, I loved playing with the mini-pumpkin Mummy got me!

Speaking of pumpkins, it’s almost Halloween!!  Mummy already got my costume, but you’re just going to have to wait to see it 😉

On a brighter note about food, I LOVE yogurt and eat one or usually 2 containers (4 oz) of Yo-Baby yogurt every day.  Yummmmm.  I also got to try cottage cheese.  Mummy knows I need to keep practicing chewing and I did super with it.  Another new favorite is when Mummy gives me a banana to chew on and eat…even though I also play with it.  I also tried watermelon pieces and chewed them up like a pro!  Now, whenever anyone is eating near me, I stare and stare and sometimes I drool.  This is why I got to try watermelon this morning!

All in all, a good week 🙂  Here are some photos of the past week…

Week 28 (September 8-15): Avocado (yuk!), First night away from Mummy & Daddy, and Finger Foods

It finally happened!!  I found a food that I do not like at all…avocado!!  Daddy thinks it must be the texture, but since Mummy doesn’t care for avocado much either she wasn’t all that surprised.  Since it’s not exactly a staple food, Mummy is not too worried about it.  Afterall, I like everything else!!  Here is the current list of foods that I eat and like, in the order I tried them: rice cereal, sweet potato, banana, peas, apples, spinach, peaches, oatmeal, green beans, whole wheat cereal, blueberries, barley cereal, carrots, mixed cereal, tofu, winter squash, pears, summer squash, avocado, and Greek yogurt!  Up next are melon, broccoli, and corn.

Another milestone is food happened just today.  Finger food!  Mummy has been looking at all the finger foods in the store and knows it’s about time for me to give them a try.  She just can’t bring herself to buy such processed stuff for me (yay!) so I got my first all natural finger foods tonight – cut up peaches and cooked apples.  I  wasn’t quite sure about them at first and had fun squashing them between my fingers, but pretty quickly figured out that I needed to chew.  After a few bites, i was a pro!  Mummy is going to keep coming up with new finger foods for me to practice with and hold off on anything processed as long as possible.

I’m drinking a little bit more water now.  I am getting ok with the sippy cup, but prefer a glass.  It’s a big mess, but it’s fun and I get more water.  Mummy just got a few more sippy cups for me to try so we’ll have to see how that goes.  Since I am eating more than I am drinking my poops can get a little more firm than Mummy would like and she doesn’t want me to get dehydrated, hence the water.  She makes me fresh juice with her juicer too.  So far, I’ve only had apple, but I’m a fan!

This week, I spend my first night without Mummy or Daddy.  Mummy had to go to Vail to get her hip boo boo worked on.  You can read all about that here.  My Nana Foo Foo stayed with me and I was very good for her.  I didn’t get nervous at all because I see her every day during the week and I love her so much!  Mummy wrote a LOT of notes for Foo Foo, even though Foo Foo is here all the time and knows all my routines.  Everything went well and I was so happy to see Mummy and Daddy when they got home!!

Here are some photos of my week:

Week 27 (September 1-8): 6 months, new foods, and my first hike

This week I turned 6 months old!!  I am getting so big!!  I had to go back to the doctor and did not like that visit one bit.  Granted, I was tired going in due to some less than stellar nap time and probably a bit hungry since I would not take my bottle before we left the house.  I was fine when we got there then the second my back hit the paper ont he table for Mummy to get my undressed I started SCREAMING!!  Not crying, but all out, turn my body beet red, screaming!!  Mummy and daddy had never ever heard me scream like that.  I calmed down enough to get measured and weighed…I am 20 lbs 12 oz (1 bottle away from 21 lbs!!) which put me in the 95-97%  I am 29 inches tall which is, again, OFF THE CHART!!  The doctor has revised his weight estimate at a year from 23 lbs (HA!) to 26-28 lbs.

After the nurse left and we were waiting for the doctor to some in I finally calmed down a bit to just some wimpers.  I was ok in Mummy’s arms while she talked to the doctor.  I am on track for everything!  The last question before the doctor looked at me was “any stranger anxiety yet?”  Mummy and Daddy both said no, he’s great.  No sooner had they said that did the doctor come over, look at me and I lost it and started just screaming and crying.  Ok, so maybe a little stranger anxiety!  I continued to SCREAM during the entire exam.  Yikes!  After he left, I got dressed again and calmed down a little.  Keep in mind, there were no shots…yet.  The nurse came back and I was screaming again.  I got the oral vaccine and the 3 shots and, of course, screamed.  As soon as Mummy picked me back up, mere seconds after the shots, I stopped crying and just slumped in her arms.  I had completely exhausted myself!  Mummy and Daddy got me snapped back up and out of there as fast as they could.  I was done crying, exhausted, and even fell asleep in the car. What a rough visit!!!

On a happier note, I keep getting fun, new foods to try!  Whole wheat, blueberries, barley, and carrots were on the menu this week.  I liked them all but carrots are a new favorite!!!  Mummy is now starting to mix fruits and veggies so I can get new flavors.  So far, I love peas and sweet potatoes together and applesauce with peaches, peaches with blueberries and peach/apple/blueberry sauce!  I also love veggies mixed into barley, wheat, rice, or mixed cereal and any fruit at all mixed into oatmeal.  Today, I get to try tofu!!  Remember, I’m a vegetarian baby 🙂

This weekend, I went to Nana Foo Foo’s house and got to see my Tia Dia and her friend Raina too.  Apparently the stranger anxiety really has set in because I forgot my Tia Dia 😦  I warmed up but I definitely wish I could see her more!  After I had some lunch and played for a bit, Mummy, Daddy, Foo Foo and I went to the Aquarium.  Actually we only went to the restaurant, but we sat right next to a huge tank of fish.  There were even sharks!!  I just loved looking at the fish and bubbles!  I had fun, but apparently the food was very bad and over priced and Mummy got food poisioning from te bruschetts 😦

This weekend, I got another sweet, new ride!!  My original sweet ride is my BOB stroller 🙂  This new ride is a Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier.  It’s a backpack that I get to sit in while Mummy and Daddy hike or walk around places.  i LOVE it!!  I am up high and can see all over the place.  The same day we got it, we went for a hike at Marshall Mesa Trail in Golden.  It was the day of the big Gold Hill fire and while we could see it very well, the air was clear where we were.  I fell asleep pretty quickly in the Kelty, despite just having woken up from a nap!  I slept leaning over with my head sticking out of the  pack.  Mummy took us out a little too long for a first hike and I started really crying just a minute or so from the car.  She got me out and held me back to the car and I hugged and hugged all the way.  I am getting very good at hugging and like to do it all the time.  It’s very sweet!

Here are some photos from this week!

Week 26 (August 25 – September 1): Sippy Cup, My first 5K, and Green Beans!

I am growing up so fast!! While Mummy had tried to give me a sippy cup a few times before, I’d had absolutely no interest at all.  Then, one morning, I saw Mummy’s water bottle (she ALWAYS has one!!) and wanted it really bad!  Mummy let me play with it to see what I wanted to do.  Well, I put the nipple part right in my mouth and tried to drink!  Since her water bottles require you to suck really, really hard, she had Nana Foo Foo get me my own sippy cup to try, again.  This time, I pulled it right to my mouth and started chewing on the sippy part.  It worked!!  I loved it!!      

I did my very first 5K this week!!  Actually, Mummy and Daddy did all the running, but I rode in the BOB and cheered them on when I wasn’t snoozing.  It was the Drop Your Drawers and Run Wild 5K & Family Zoo LoopIt is a charity event benefiting UNDERWARENESS, an organization that helps provide homeless children with new underwear.  While, like Mummy, I do NOT support or condone zoos in any way shape or form, I liked the charity the event was supporting…everyone needs new underware!  Here is a link that does a pretty good job of summing up my feelings about zoos: http://www.mercyforanimals.org/zoos.asp   

Pre-Race with Daddy

With Mummy Pre-Race

With Daddy Post Race

Post Race with Mummy


I am also still loving my jumper…except that I “run” in my jumper, instead of walking:

 Mummy switched my formula and diapers on me this week.  My new formula is the Safeway brand, Mom to Mom and it compares to Enfamil Premium, which I had been getting…except it’s $10 cheaper per can!  I can’t tell the difference, or if I can, I have not let Mummy know about it.  I am also now using the Safeway brand, Mom to Mom supreme diapers and Mummy likes them even better than the Pampers Baby Dry I had been using.  They hold more, don’t pouf up when wet, are higher in the back (i.e. no poop squirting up when I poop while sitting), and don’t make any marks around my legs.  She’s kind of kicking herself that she didn’t try them sooner.  More expensive brand names do not equal better!    

I keep getting to try new foods and I’m quite pleased with that. Mummy reintroduced me to oatmeal after my first try gave me a rash on my face. Apparently I was just having an off day because now I am 100% fine with it. I particularly like oatmeal with bananas! The next new food was green beans…despite Mummy hearing that lots of babies don’t like them, I showed her when I gobbled them up and made them my new favorite!! Right now peas and green beans are my favorites. My least favorite is peaches (Mummy does NOT understand this!!) but I still like them and eat them. Another favorite of mine is rice cereal with spinach…yup, spinach! I am a super duper eater!! I am also more interested in grabbing and ‘using’ the spoon. This is very messy but Mummy knows that it is how I will learn. Besides, baths are fun!

"Using" my spoon!

Fun in the tub!

I am getting GREAT at sitting up and it’s what I want to do most of the time now.  I am getting better with toys and Mummy got me some new ones to play with and I love them all!  I am finally big enough to ride in the shopping cart when we go to the store now.  I still need a little extra support on my sides so Mummy stuffs some blankets in there as ‘armrests’ and I am happy as the bunnies in our garden!  I love looking at everything in the store…so many colors and shapes.  I particularly like looking at the balloons in the supermarket.  

Shopping with Mummy

With my loot!

Mummy, Daddy, and I had a super fun playdate this week with Jax and his parents.   He is 2.5 months older than me but smaller than me.   Though he is VERY advanced in lots of other things.  He crawls all over the place, and FAST!  He pull sup on things and cruises…he’s going to walk soon!  He can eat finger foods too!  He has lots of fun toys and when I first sat down to play I was so tickled with all the toys that I just laughed and laughed.  I also got to see Miss Shelby this week too.  She is so pretty and makes really funny noises…she even taught me one!  We didn’t get to play much though because I was hungry and got fussy and demanded my dinner! 

Playing with Jax

So happy with the new toys!

Fun with Jax

Later this week Mummy says I have to go back to the doctor for my 6 month check up – can you belive how fast I’m growing up?!?!?  I am not looking forward to the shots, but Mummy says I need them so I don’t get very sick.  All of my family is going to get flu shots too so we don’t get sick!