Week 25 (August 18-25): New Foods, a New Carseat, Petting Zoo, and a Funeral


Spinach...not too sure about this one!

I keep getting new foods to try, and I love it all!!  The first new food this week was apples.  Mummy made them from Fuji apples and they were so yummy that Mummy kept taking bites to ‘show me how good they are.’  Mummy, I know, now please stop eating my apples!  The next new food was spinach.  While I was NOT a fan of the texture, I did like the taste just fine.  After the initial shock of the texture (it was not smooth and velvety like the other stuff) I did eat more than 3 ounces on my first try.  The next night, Mummy mixed the spinach into my rice cereal and I liked that a lot!

I still prefer food over my bottle now, but I have had a few nights in a row of a 7-9 ounce bottle which made Mummy very happy!  She was getting nervous that I would get dehydrated without more bottle.  She’s been thinning my cereal and foods as much as she can (not so think it doesn’t sit nicely ona  spoon though) and I am still wetting plenty of diapers so I’m all good.  The food does make me poop a LOT though!!!  Seriously, a LOT…like, every diaper change almost!

This week I’ve gotten much, much better at sitting up on my own.  I can now ‘catch’ myself when I start to tip backwards, though I can still topple to a side and am learning that I can’t look behind me while sitting without topping over.  I love to play with toys while sitting, or standing, and don’t like just laying down much anymore unless I’m pretty tired.  When I’m tired, laying down is just fine and I pass the time working on getting my delicious toes into my mouth.  I’m pretty good at that!

My Big Boy Carseat - Britax Boulevard 70

  Mummy realized that I was getting pretty big (29 inches and 21 lbs at last unofficial measure…next official measure is September 3) and another Mommy mentioned needing a new car seat for her baby.  Turned out that I am about over the weight limit for one of my infant seats (the Chico one) and nearing the height limit for the other one (Graco)!!  She did her research and learned that Britax are the safest car seats.  She got me a brand new Britax Boulevard 70 at Babies R Us.  She even got it for 20% off because a lovely woman who was also shopping for car seats gave Mummy a coupon!!!

I am getting so big that I am growing out of all of my clothes!!  I am so tall that I am now needing TWELVE month clothes!  They are pretty big in general, but the length is good, so I guess that’s what I’ll wear for a while.  Here are some of my twelve month outfits. 

"Chicks Dig Scars" 12 Month Jammies

12 Month Blanket Sleeper

Over the weekend, Mummy and Daddy took me to a petting zoo!  It was not a very big one, but it was still neat.  I got to pet a bunny, a baby cow, and I even got to sit on a pony!  Daddy took photos on his iPhone and sent them to Mummy since she forgot her camera.

Petting the Bunny

Riding the Pony!
The last thing of the week was very sad.  Our sweet, wonderful, 80 year old neighbor, Bob, passed away last week.  He was so delightful and Mummy, Daddy, Nicholas, and I just loved him and his lovely wife Wanda.  We went to the funeral this morning.  Mummy cried.  I slept some and played very quietly for the whole thing.  At the end, I even hugged Wanda and shook hands with all of the grandchildren – literally!  I hope to not have to go to any more funerals for a very, very long time!!  We’re going to be visiting Wanda a lot more and I’m very happy about that.

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