Week 24 (August 11-18): Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, and Peas, Oh My!

Yummy Sweet Potatoes!

I tried sweet potatoes this week!!  I think Mummy was hoping for a bit more of a reaction, but I acted like I’d been eating them forever.  Mummy used her Especially for Baby Food Processor to blend up the sweet potato she cooked for me.  It was super smooth and perfect for me!  Mummy says I’ll get to have more potatoes at lunch every day now!!  We’ll stick with sweet potatoes for about 4 days then try something new.  Bananas are probably up next.  Every 4 days I’ll get to try something new – hooray!  

After sweet potatoes for 3 days Mummy gave me Bananas…LOVES those too!  Mummy messed up and made them a little too thin, but that’s ok because she mixed it into my rice cereal and that was fantastic!!!  So good, in fact, that I refused to drink my next bottle and barely had any from the last one.  After another big bowl of rice cereal with bananas, Mummy tried to give me my bedtime bottle.  Nope!  Didn’t want it.  They put me down to sleep and I rolled around fussed then started screaming.  Mummy came up and I took 2.5 oz of my bottle and fell asleep.  Geesh!  Oh, and the reason there are not photos of my trying bananas is that I loved them so much that I didn’t let ANY get on my face…I wanted every last little bit in my mouth! 

I loved my peas!

 Up next was PEAS!  Yummy – I love my peas!!  Mummy and Daddy are beginning to wonder if there will be anything I don’t like.  So far, everything that has been in my mouth, medicine included, I love. Here is a photo of my trying peas for the first time. 

This week has been a little rough in the teething department.  One night I was hurting so much that I couldn’t get to sleep and was crying and crying.  This was after I got Tylenol and orajel!  Mummy was holding me and had Daddy go get my favorite ice teether.  I chomped down, stopped crying and fell asleep with the ice ring in my mouth and also had a death grip on it with my hand too.  Mummy pried it out and I slept all night.  Boo teething!!!  

I’ve been getting to go on my stroller rides with Mummy which I love!  She’s working very hard to lose weight and runs a lot.  I am usually asleep by the time we get home but it’s still nice to get out for some fresh air and to see all the new sights and hear all the new sounds.  One day, I’ll stay awake for the whole thing 🙂 


I’ve begun really noticing Nicholas this week.  I love to look at him and pet him.  He gives me lots and lots of kisses…even when I accidently bop him in the face.  He’s a very good boy – like me!

This week, Mummy worked very, very hard to get all of my baby photos into albums!  She also got my baby book up to date and got lots of photos into frames and up all over the house.  Now I get to see me everywhere!!  Mummy’s friend Tara gave me a sweet, soft photo album of my very own when I was still very little.  Mummy was very happy to finally get some photos in there for me!  I LOVE looking at my photo book!

Mummy and Daddy got me a new play area – an Evenflo Exersaucer!  I am getting a lot more active with my play and they wanted to make sure I didn’t get bored.  So far, I LOVE it!

I'm Finger Lickin' Good!

Best Buddies!

Petting my Puppy!

My New Exersaucer!


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