Week 23 (August 4-11): 4 Month Photos, Marathon Naps, Another Cookout, and Splashing in the Tub

We got the 4 month photos back!  You can see them here: https://growingupthatcher.wordpress.com/watch-thatcher-grow/4-month-photos/  

We decided to have at least one photo from every shoot be with a single object so we could see how he’s growing.  Here is his newborn shot and 4 month shot with his puppy:  

2 Weeks


4 Months


I started off the week taking some marathon, 3 hour naps like I used to when I was younger.  For quite some time I’d weaned back to hour, maybe two, hour long naps.  Suddenly I’m back to being the Nap Master!  Could I be going through another growth spurt??  This week I’ve taken THREE, three-hour plus naps…haven’t done that in quite some time.  I’ve also changes a lot of my ‘sleep signals.’  I used to yawn and that meant I was tired.  Now, I rub my eyes when I’m SUPER tired, or I snuggle in when you hold me, or, Mummy’s favorite, I giggle at nothing.  I do laugh a lot, but when I’m tired it’s a new, slap-happy giggle out of nowhere.  It’s very cute.  Here’s my Bumbo lean that is also a new sleep signal:   

My sleepy lean...


 Here is a video Mummy took of me giggling before bed:


Mummy and Daddy had another cookout – there were tons of babies and it was so much fun!!  There was Elena, Jax, Connor, Teagan, Emma, Harrison, and Sean.  Toys were everywhere and I did some really great interacting and ‘talking’ to Jax.  Unfortunately, Mummy’s camera wouldn’t turn on so there are no photos of the event (she put the freshly charged battery back in backwards!!).  Next time…    

Before bed, I got to take a fun bath in my duck tub.  Mummy put all my toys in it and I splashed and splashed so much that Mummy is going to need a raincoat for future baths.  Mostly when I was splashing, I was just slapping at my legs, but it was pretty cute.  I sure am growing up fast!  Here I am splashing in the tub!  


This week, I showed Mummy that she shouldn’t put the Bumbo on the counter anymore unless she is 2 inches away from me…here’s what I did:  


Look at me reaching for the electrical socket on the wall behind me!


I’ve been moved down to my Tripp Trapp chair for most of my cereal feedings, though sometimes the morning  cereal is still in the Bumbo.  I love to sit in my Tripp Trapp when Mummy, Daddy or Foo Foo are eating at the table.  I play with my toys and love to throw them onto the floor for everyone to pick up for me 🙂  I am also a lot more interested in watching people eat and drink.   I am especially interested in drinking water from a glass.  A few times I’ve flapped my arms until Mummy or Foo Foo gets me a glass and lets me kind of lick the rim.  I have no idea how this drinking from a glass thing works yet, but one day I’ll figure it out!  Since I am getting better at sitting up, I like to be either sitting up (with a little help) or standing in my jumper a lot more than my playmat.  While I haven’t outgrown it yet, I am liking to get out and explore more than the mat offers.  One of my favorite places is when Mummy pulls my jumper into the kitchen and I can play and watch her cook or clean or eat.  Here’s what I’m talking about:   

In my jumper, hanging out with Nicholas


Chillin' in my jumper while Mummy makes dinner


 While I have been doing a pretty good job not scratching up my face at night, I did have another ‘incident’ despite Mummy keeping my nails VERY short and filed.  Really, she cuts and files them every TWO days!!  Here are the latest scratches…luckily they weren’t deep so they were better in a day:   

See all my little scratches...I did that!



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