Week 22 (July 28 – August 4): Rolling Over, Sitting Up, and Mummy’s Hip Boo Boo

I think I’m going through some sort of “transition.”  There have been a few days when I will not go down for a nap without being put to sleep with a bottle, upstairs, in my sleep sack, being rocked in a dim room in my glider.  Then I need to be put down on my side…I will cry if you dare put me on my back or even on the wrong side!  I am usually great and only require being put in the crib…wide awake is fine, I’m out like a light in a few seconds!  Mummy thinks I am growing and teething and just not feeling great about it all.

On the night Mummy has her French class and Daddy puts me to bed, I was extra challenging!!  Mummy forgot to tell Daddy that I only wanted to be put down, asleep on my side.  Daddy kept putting me on my back and I’d scream, he’d pick me up, rock me to sleep then the whole thing started over.  He started my bedtime at 6:30 and when Mummy finally got hime at 8:30, I was asleep in Daddy’s arms, but he was afraid to put me down again.  Mummy picked me up, put my sleep sack back on (I did cry for this…I had to be on my back), then I fell immediatly back to sleep on her shoulder and she put me down a few seconds later, on my side.  I slept until 8 am the next morning.  Daddy got pretty frustrated at this.  Sometimes a boy just wants his Mummy.

Most of the rest of the days I slept great, per usual.  My naps are starting to get a bit shorter and I am awake and playing longer stretches during the day, especially the last stretch before bed!  I am still gobbling up my cereal and being a sweet boy.  Even though they seem boring, I enjoy simple outings to the grocery store, Target, or just a quick stroll around the neighborhood with Nana Foo Foo.  I also particularly liked my first trip to the liquor store for wine with Mummy – I loved looking at all the pretty bottles!

Mummy has had a lot of hip pain since I was born and she learned this week, after some doctor trips and an MRI (She had to have contrast dye injected directly into her hip joint – OUCH!!!!), that she has to have surgery to repair a labral tear (hip joint) – hip athroscopy.  She is probably going to get the surgery this fall in Vail, where the best doctor in the country for this new, very specific and highly specialized surgery, is.  Apparently her hips were dislocated, causing the tears, when her legs were pulled way back when she was pushing me out (sorry Mummy!).  While only the tear in her left hip has been confirmed, she has the exact same pain in her right hip, so is 99.9% sure she’ll need to get surgery for that hip too…though not at the same time!!

I finally ROLLED OVER again!!!  This time from my tummy to my back and I did it FOUR times!!  Mummy caught my second roll on camera…though I got tired by the time Mummy and Daddy got the video camera 😦

Now that I’ve rolled over, I am now playing with toys while on my tummy! I used to just hate tummy time but I am enjoying it more and more- finally!! I am also getting pretty close to sitting up. I still need some help to keep from toppling over, but I am getting a lot better at it!! So good that Mummy finally pulled out my big boy duck tub!! It’s about time – I am longer than the baby tub now!!
Mummy had some friend over for dinner and I got to play with Miss Shelby and Miss Elena.  I watched Elena sit up and for the first time ever, I SAT UP- with NO help!!  Mummy thinks I was just trying to show off for the pretty girls.  Here is a photo of me sitting up and also of me with the ladies.  By the way, Mummy should post some of my 4 month photo shoot photos next week, so be sure to check back next Wednesday!
One last thing…Mummy has joined a 90 day weight loss challenge at her gym (Lifetime Fitness).  She started a blog to chronicle the journey.  Cheer her on for me! http://loseitin90days.blogspot.com/ 

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