Week 20 (July 14-21): Still a Dream Baby…but With a New Boo Boo

Mummy forgot that my photos are this weekend and not last weekend! It’s a good thing too, since the night before she *thought* the photos were, I scratched my nose and it bled, scabbed and would not have looked nice for photos! She keeps my finger and toe nails very, very short and always filed so nobody knows either how I did it or how I did not wake myself up at night when I did it. It looked like it hurt!! It doesn’t seem to bother me though!

I’ve been having another good week…I really am the baby all Mummys hope for 🙂 I am definitely teething and I’ve had a few days when my gums bothered me a lot. I don’t fuss about it though, I just gnaw on everything in site. I have a few favorite things to chew on and while I don’t always love the icy teethers, there were a few days this week that I did. Orajel helps too, but I HATE the way it tastes.

I have now almost completely stopped fussing or crying when I wake up from the night or from naps. I just roll around and chew on my hands and sometimes talk to myself. Good thing Mummy and Daddy have a video monitor so they can see when I am awake! I am also regularly sleeping 13 hours! I am still loving my cereal and get it in the moring, about 1-2 hours after my bottle and before my morning nap, and again at night about an hour before my bedtime bottle.

I am having more and more fun with my toys and love to talk to them! Mummy tried to kep things interesting my swaping out old toys for new ones so I don’t get bored. I also play with them on my back, on my tummy, and from my bumbo. One of my new favorites is a Whoozit Activity Spiral from my Great Aunt marty and great Uncle Steve. I always loved my big Whoozit and am thrilled that I can grab the little one on the spiral with my hands. Loads of fun!!

Stay tuned next week for my 4 month photos…hopefully my face will be healed by then (or can be photoshopped!!)

See the boo boo on my nose?


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