Week 18 (June 30 – July 7): Rice Cereal and Swimming

A very exciting week! I had my very first “solid” food on my 4 month birthday!! Mummy made me about an ounce of rice cereal with formula. I LOVED it and finished the whole bowl! I particularly liked sucking it off my fingers. A few time, when Mummy took too long to get my next bite I’d start to fuss then was all smiles again when I got another bite!. For now, I’m getting cereal 1-2 times perday in the afternoon or early evening. I am up to 2 oz of cereal at night and as a result down to about 6 oz of formula before bed.

Another first this week was swimming! Mummy and Daddy took me to the pool at the gym and I got to sport my handsome new swim trunks. I was quite dapper! I did great int he pool and even went underwater. It was just a very quick down and up and I held my breath and closed my eyes just gerat and never fussed at all. Daddy only got a few photos before we were told that thre were no cameras allowed.

This weekend was the 4th of July and I got to wear my “Little Firecracker” onsie. I slept a lot while Mummy and Daddy had guests. Nana Foo Foo, Tia Dia, Tara, Derek, baby Jax and the neighbors Bob and Wanda ame over. Daddy grilled and everyone had a fun day.

Since we are going to Florida this weekend, I am practicing sleeping in my travel bed. Mummy put it in my crib and I’m doing all of my napping and night sleeping in there so that, hopefully, I will sleep just as well in FL. When I was first put in it for a nap, i looked all around and seemed a bit confused, but a few seconds later, I was out like a light! I sleep great at night in it so Mummy is cautiously optimistic for Florida.

I got to play with Miss Elena this week when Mummy and Daddy had dinner with Celia and Eric. Elena is a little firecracker and she made me smile. It’s always good to practice and fine tune my flirting skills 🙂 We are going to have a pool play date soon! I had some cereal before we went to their house (I fell asleep during the 5 min drive over!!) then had a bottle a bit before 7. I was too distracted by all the fun new surrounds to have more than 3 oz. I fell asleep for about 45 min in my carseat but woke up when the sleep sheet shut off. We got home, I had another 4.5 oz at 8:45 and was zonked by 9pm. I slept until 8:20.


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