Week 21 (July 21-28): Teething, Oatmeal Sensitivity, and More Scratches…plus my 4 Month Photo Shoot!

I started off this week not feeling so hot.  I was spitting up a lot, not as hungry as usual, had a very slight fever and my gums were killing me.  Mummy has been able to feel a tooth under my gums for a few weeks now.  I finally like the frozen teethers and chomp down on them for some teething relief.  Mummy also gives me baby orajel, which I hate, but it does seem to help.  Whenever I don’t feel 100% I have trouble falling asleep for naps (night time if just fine!) and need Mummy to snuggle me until I fall asleep.  Mummy doesn’t mind this one bit (though she hates that it is because I don’t feel good)!

So, Mummy finally figured out why I wasn’t feeling good and was spitting up like a mad man.  She had tried oatmeal with me again (did not like it the first time).  I still hated it and made horrible faces and gagging noises.  When she cleaned it off my face, after 4-5 bites, there was a red rash.  It went away pretty quickly, but an hour later I started to spew like a fountain and continued to spew for 24 hours.  The oatmeal has been put away!

The day before my 4 month photos, I have again scratched the heck out of my face.  I have learned to suck my thumb but have not yet figured out what to do with the rest of my fingers.  Mummy keeps my nails very short, but apparently they are still sharp.  She is now using a file foam block that seems to get my nails a lot smoother.  Hopefully I won’t scratch myself anymore, otherwise, Mummy says she will put me to bed in shirts with sleeves that cover up my hands.  Neither of us want that since I use my hands as pacifiers to both fall asleep and get back to sleep.

See all the scratched under my right eye…it’s shiny because Mummy put neosporin on it
I had my four month photo shoot this week!  It’s a bit late and I am actually closer to 5 months.  I did great and Mummy and Daddy can’t wait to see the photos!!  The next one is 8 months and we’ll do holiday photos then too.  Hopefully there won’t be any more face scratches!!  Here are some photos me me doing tummy time after my photo shoot.  You can also see how I let Mummy know that tummy time is OVER!
This week I went to my first French class!  Daddy had two classes and some fee time in between them.  Mummy brought me down to visit and get a late lunch between his classes.  We got there early and I got to sit in on the last 30 min of the class.  Everyone loved me and thought I was tres mignon (very cute!)!  After class we went to a French restaurant and everyone loved me there too…people pretty much love me everywhere I go!!
This week I had my first all out, screaming, crying, inconsolable, fuss fest!  I was over tired, teething, hungry, and MAD!!  While it lasted about 10 min, Mummy and Daddy say it felt like a lot longer.  Daddy finally got me calmed down while Mummy drew my bath, then Mummy gave me a bath and bottle and put me to bed a few minutes past 6pm!  I slept until 7:30 am and felt much better.  This teething thing is no fun!!

Week 20 (July 14-21): Still a Dream Baby…but With a New Boo Boo

Mummy forgot that my photos are this weekend and not last weekend! It’s a good thing too, since the night before she *thought* the photos were, I scratched my nose and it bled, scabbed and would not have looked nice for photos! She keeps my finger and toe nails very, very short and always filed so nobody knows either how I did it or how I did not wake myself up at night when I did it. It looked like it hurt!! It doesn’t seem to bother me though!

I’ve been having another good week…I really am the baby all Mummys hope for 🙂 I am definitely teething and I’ve had a few days when my gums bothered me a lot. I don’t fuss about it though, I just gnaw on everything in site. I have a few favorite things to chew on and while I don’t always love the icy teethers, there were a few days this week that I did. Orajel helps too, but I HATE the way it tastes.

I have now almost completely stopped fussing or crying when I wake up from the night or from naps. I just roll around and chew on my hands and sometimes talk to myself. Good thing Mummy and Daddy have a video monitor so they can see when I am awake! I am also regularly sleeping 13 hours! I am still loving my cereal and get it in the moring, about 1-2 hours after my bottle and before my morning nap, and again at night about an hour before my bedtime bottle.

I am having more and more fun with my toys and love to talk to them! Mummy tried to kep things interesting my swaping out old toys for new ones so I don’t get bored. I also play with them on my back, on my tummy, and from my bumbo. One of my new favorites is a Whoozit Activity Spiral from my Great Aunt marty and great Uncle Steve. I always loved my big Whoozit and am thrilled that I can grab the little one on the spiral with my hands. Loads of fun!!

Stay tuned next week for my 4 month photos…hopefully my face will be healed by then (or can be photoshopped!!)

See the boo boo on my nose?

Week 19 (July 7-14): Four Month Check-Up, Rolling Over, and Florida

I am officially HUGE!!! I had my 4 month doctor visit and I am 17 lbs 15 oz and 27 1/4 in long!! That puts me in the 95-97th percentile for weight and OFF THE CHART for height!!! I am totally healthy, thriving and on track 🙂 Mummy was very proud, as she always is. I got more vaccines today…1 oral (yum!) and 3 shots. I did NOT like the shots and cried and cried for a solid 2-3 min. I know that doesn’t sound like a long time, but for me, it really is. Once I was calmed down and back in my car seat, I was fine.

I had a big bowl (4 oz!) of rice cereal at Nana Foo Foo’s apartment and snoozed on the way home. I had my night time bottle at 6:45 pm but only took 5 oz. I had a LOT of trouble falling asleep and was chomping on my fists through the Woombie. Mummy gave me some baby orajel and that seemed to help some, but I still couldn’t quite get to sleep. It finally dawned on Mummy that I might be sore from the shots. She finally gave me some Tylenol (I now get a dropper and a half…per the chart from the doctor, that normally corresponds to a 12-23 month old!!!!!) and I was finally able to get to sleep after some cuddles. Only one more day until we leave for Florida so Mummy is hoping it is a super napping day (due to my doctor appointment, I only got in one real nap today, though it was a 3 hour and 10 min nap!).

I did great in Florida! On the plane there I mostly slept. Mummy tried to give me a bottle on the way up but I just kept laughing and smiling. My ears didn’t seem to bother me a bit. I slept for most of the flight. When we got to the hotel, I went to dinner with Mummy and Daddy and fussed a little because I was so tired, but stopped and played until they finished.

The hotel crib looked like baby jail so I just slept in my travel bed on the floor. I did great!! The next morning I got to meet my Grandpa Hickman, Daddy’s Dad, and my great-grandmother Hickman, and Uncle Lee. I took more great naps at the hotel then went to the family reunion that night. I was a big hit! I took another nap in my stroller, in my Woombie. I slept in my travel bed that night again.

In the morning, Mummy heard me rolling around and got up to see what I was doing. She watches as I ROLLED OVER from my back to my tummy…while asleep and while in my Woombie!! I am now safely sleeping in a sleep sack. On the way home, Mummy got us upgraded to first class!! I slept some, ate some and fussed some. I finally took an hour and a hald nap in my Woombie and in Mummy’s lap. I hadn’t had any naps that day, except for some dozing in my carseat. I am now making up for all that lost sleep!!

Week 18 (June 30 – July 7): Rice Cereal and Swimming

A very exciting week! I had my very first “solid” food on my 4 month birthday!! Mummy made me about an ounce of rice cereal with formula. I LOVED it and finished the whole bowl! I particularly liked sucking it off my fingers. A few time, when Mummy took too long to get my next bite I’d start to fuss then was all smiles again when I got another bite!. For now, I’m getting cereal 1-2 times perday in the afternoon or early evening. I am up to 2 oz of cereal at night and as a result down to about 6 oz of formula before bed.

Another first this week was swimming! Mummy and Daddy took me to the pool at the gym and I got to sport my handsome new swim trunks. I was quite dapper! I did great int he pool and even went underwater. It was just a very quick down and up and I held my breath and closed my eyes just gerat and never fussed at all. Daddy only got a few photos before we were told that thre were no cameras allowed.

This weekend was the 4th of July and I got to wear my “Little Firecracker” onsie. I slept a lot while Mummy and Daddy had guests. Nana Foo Foo, Tia Dia, Tara, Derek, baby Jax and the neighbors Bob and Wanda ame over. Daddy grilled and everyone had a fun day.

Since we are going to Florida this weekend, I am practicing sleeping in my travel bed. Mummy put it in my crib and I’m doing all of my napping and night sleeping in there so that, hopefully, I will sleep just as well in FL. When I was first put in it for a nap, i looked all around and seemed a bit confused, but a few seconds later, I was out like a light! I sleep great at night in it so Mummy is cautiously optimistic for Florida.

I got to play with Miss Elena this week when Mummy and Daddy had dinner with Celia and Eric. Elena is a little firecracker and she made me smile. It’s always good to practice and fine tune my flirting skills 🙂 We are going to have a pool play date soon! I had some cereal before we went to their house (I fell asleep during the 5 min drive over!!) then had a bottle a bit before 7. I was too distracted by all the fun new surrounds to have more than 3 oz. I fell asleep for about 45 min in my carseat but woke up when the sleep sheet shut off. We got home, I had another 4.5 oz at 8:45 and was zonked by 9pm. I slept until 8:20.