Week 17 (June 23-30): Bumbo Fun

My Bumbo chair finally fits! Well, it fit before, but now I can sit up in it really well and love to play with toys on my tray. Mummy had to take the bouncer chair off the counter because I started leaning forward to reach things and she was scared that I’d fall!

I am getting really good at tummy time and will even smile on my tummy now. I used to just rub my face into the ground and fuss. Mummy can now take cute photos of me on my tummy.

I went on a few walks this week with Mummy, Daddy, and Nicholas. I stay awake longer int he stroller now and love to go to the park for swinging! On the way home from one of the outings, it started to rain – good thing I’ve got a canopy!

I had another great sleeping week…no surprise there!! Mummy tells me that she couldn’t have gotten a better baby and calls me her dream baby! I eat great, sleep great, hardly ever fuss and am getting really smily. I love to “talk” now and everyone seems to love this!


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