Week 16 (June 16-23): Playdate and Hugga Bebe

This was a fun week. I had a “date” with Miss Shelby. She cam over with her Mummy, Laura and she and Mummy went out to lunch for some grown-up time. Nana Foo Foo watched both of us. Mostly we were sleeping at alternate times so it wasn’t too much work for Nana Foo Foo.

When the Mummies came home from lunch, Shelby and I were awake at the same time. We played on my Mummy’s Nana Blanket and I tried to hold Shelby’s hand – it worked!! Everyone thought it was super adorable and got lots of photos.

This week I got a “Hugga Bebe” that lets me play in my jumper without falling over. I also use it in the baby swings at the park and I LOVE it!! Another new, fun toy I got is this cool arch that clips onto the carseat, stroller, bouncer chairs…almost anywhere! I particularly love the green spinner and the sun int he middle. I’m getting really good at using my hands and grabbing and reaching at my toys!


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