Week 15 (June 9-16): Learning French and Teething

Yet another great week for me…starting to sound like a broken record! I started learning French this week 🙂 Mummy is speaking to me only in French as much as she can, which is about 60-70% right now. She is taking lessons at the Alliance Francaise de Denver every week so she can get her fluency back. She also found me a great int’l school in Denver where I can go to school in French! I can definitely tell the difference between French and English and love to listen to Mummy in French.

I am still a sleeping champion and am now averaging a bedtime of 6:45 and am sleeping until around 7:30-8:00!! Mummy is starting to feel a little guilty that I am such a great sleep when a lot of my friends are not so good at it yet. I am having more and more awake time and am getting really good at playing with my toys. Oh, how I love my toys!! I play with toys on my mat, the toys on my jumper and now, toys while in my Bumbo chair.

I have definitely started teething and Mummy got me some baby orajel, which I hate and spit right out with some dramatic bubbles. I chomp on my fingers all day and when they started turning all red, Mummy pulled teh teethers out of teh freezer. I like these, but my fingers are just more handy! Both Mummy and Nana Foo Foo have felt a little bump on my gums so we know a tooth is on the way! Mummy got her first teeth by 4.5 months, so it makes sense that I might get some early too.


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