Week 14 (June 2-9): Little Temp, Cookout, and Jumper

I’ve had my ups and downs this week. I’ve had a very low temp for three days (99.5, 99.9, 99.7) and just haven’t quite been myself. Mummy can always tell when I don’t feel quite right because I don’t nap as well. On the first day I had a temp I only took 25 minute cat naps all day, when I usually take 2-3 hour naps, sometimes 4! The next day I napped a little bit better, but not a lot.

We had my first cookout that day! I had fun with my friends but did sleep through a bunch of it, kind of. Mummy spent a lot of time getting me to sleep and getting me back to sleep. When I don’t feel great I really prefer to sleep in Mummy’s arms and I wake up and fuss when I get put in my crib. I eventually do sleep in my crib, but not as quickly or as well as I normally do. Normally, when I go down for a nap, I am asleep by the time Mummy gets from my crib to the door!!

Another fun new development has been my awesome new jumper! It’s got lots of bright colors, toys, and music. My feet don’t touch yet but Mummy and Daddy make it bounce for me and I just love it!! When they stop bouncing it I try to keep it going…I’m not very good at it, yet, but Mummy and Daddy think it’s pretty cute! I just love looking at all the new things and it’s great practice for holding my head up and balancing in the seat.


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