Week 13 (May 26 – June 2): Nanny Nana Foo Foo

Time really is flying! Mummy can’t believe I’m 3 months old already!! I had another great week. I’m sweet, I’m charming, and I’m an awesome sleeper 🙂 I finally pushed past the waking up at 6 am thing and now sleep until 7 or 7:30 am…Mummy and Daddy are happy about that! Mummy hosted another playgroup and I was awake for a few minutes, but mostly took a nice, long nap.

I think I am getting close to rolling over. I started rolling up onto my side when I snuggle and play with my favorite blanket, but haven’t made it all the way over yet. Mummy has been practicing with me and I can roll from my back to my side and my side to my tummy…now I need to figure out how to put it all together!

In other new, fun news, Mummy put my jumper together!  I LOVE it!  I’m still a little too small for it, but Mummy helps me and makes sure I don’t fall back to slump too much.  So much new stuff to look at!!

Mummy went back to work this week and Nana Foo Foo is my Nanny. She makes me laugh and is a super Nana Foo Foo and a super Nanny 🙂


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