Week 17 (June 23-30): Bumbo Fun

My Bumbo chair finally fits! Well, it fit before, but now I can sit up in it really well and love to play with toys on my tray. Mummy had to take the bouncer chair off the counter because I started leaning forward to reach things and she was scared that I’d fall!

I am getting really good at tummy time and will even smile on my tummy now. I used to just rub my face into the ground and fuss. Mummy can now take cute photos of me on my tummy.

I went on a few walks this week with Mummy, Daddy, and Nicholas. I stay awake longer int he stroller now and love to go to the park for swinging! On the way home from one of the outings, it started to rain – good thing I’ve got a canopy!

I had another great sleeping week…no surprise there!! Mummy tells me that she couldn’t have gotten a better baby and calls me her dream baby! I eat great, sleep great, hardly ever fuss and am getting really smily. I love to “talk” now and everyone seems to love this!


Week 16 (June 16-23): Playdate and Hugga Bebe

This was a fun week. I had a “date” with Miss Shelby. She cam over with her Mummy, Laura and she and Mummy went out to lunch for some grown-up time. Nana Foo Foo watched both of us. Mostly we were sleeping at alternate times so it wasn’t too much work for Nana Foo Foo.

When the Mummies came home from lunch, Shelby and I were awake at the same time. We played on my Mummy’s Nana Blanket and I tried to hold Shelby’s hand – it worked!! Everyone thought it was super adorable and got lots of photos.

This week I got a “Hugga Bebe” that lets me play in my jumper without falling over. I also use it in the baby swings at the park and I LOVE it!! Another new, fun toy I got is this cool arch that clips onto the carseat, stroller, bouncer chairs…almost anywhere! I particularly love the green spinner and the sun int he middle. I’m getting really good at using my hands and grabbing and reaching at my toys!

Week 15 (June 9-16): Learning French and Teething

Yet another great week for me…starting to sound like a broken record! I started learning French this week 🙂 Mummy is speaking to me only in French as much as she can, which is about 60-70% right now. She is taking lessons at the Alliance Francaise de Denver every week so she can get her fluency back. She also found me a great int’l school in Denver where I can go to school in French! I can definitely tell the difference between French and English and love to listen to Mummy in French.

I am still a sleeping champion and am now averaging a bedtime of 6:45 and am sleeping until around 7:30-8:00!! Mummy is starting to feel a little guilty that I am such a great sleep when a lot of my friends are not so good at it yet. I am having more and more awake time and am getting really good at playing with my toys. Oh, how I love my toys!! I play with toys on my mat, the toys on my jumper and now, toys while in my Bumbo chair.

I have definitely started teething and Mummy got me some baby orajel, which I hate and spit right out with some dramatic bubbles. I chomp on my fingers all day and when they started turning all red, Mummy pulled teh teethers out of teh freezer. I like these, but my fingers are just more handy! Both Mummy and Nana Foo Foo have felt a little bump on my gums so we know a tooth is on the way! Mummy got her first teeth by 4.5 months, so it makes sense that I might get some early too.

Week 14 (June 2-9): Little Temp, Cookout, and Jumper

I’ve had my ups and downs this week. I’ve had a very low temp for three days (99.5, 99.9, 99.7) and just haven’t quite been myself. Mummy can always tell when I don’t feel quite right because I don’t nap as well. On the first day I had a temp I only took 25 minute cat naps all day, when I usually take 2-3 hour naps, sometimes 4! The next day I napped a little bit better, but not a lot.

We had my first cookout that day! I had fun with my friends but did sleep through a bunch of it, kind of. Mummy spent a lot of time getting me to sleep and getting me back to sleep. When I don’t feel great I really prefer to sleep in Mummy’s arms and I wake up and fuss when I get put in my crib. I eventually do sleep in my crib, but not as quickly or as well as I normally do. Normally, when I go down for a nap, I am asleep by the time Mummy gets from my crib to the door!!

Another fun new development has been my awesome new jumper! It’s got lots of bright colors, toys, and music. My feet don’t touch yet but Mummy and Daddy make it bounce for me and I just love it!! When they stop bouncing it I try to keep it going…I’m not very good at it, yet, but Mummy and Daddy think it’s pretty cute! I just love looking at all the new things and it’s great practice for holding my head up and balancing in the seat.

Week 13 (May 26 – June 2): Nanny Nana Foo Foo

Time really is flying! Mummy can’t believe I’m 3 months old already!! I had another great week. I’m sweet, I’m charming, and I’m an awesome sleeper 🙂 I finally pushed past the waking up at 6 am thing and now sleep until 7 or 7:30 am…Mummy and Daddy are happy about that! Mummy hosted another playgroup and I was awake for a few minutes, but mostly took a nice, long nap.

I think I am getting close to rolling over. I started rolling up onto my side when I snuggle and play with my favorite blanket, but haven’t made it all the way over yet. Mummy has been practicing with me and I can roll from my back to my side and my side to my tummy…now I need to figure out how to put it all together!

In other new, fun news, Mummy put my jumper together!  I LOVE it!  I’m still a little too small for it, but Mummy helps me and makes sure I don’t fall back to slump too much.  So much new stuff to look at!!

Mummy went back to work this week and Nana Foo Foo is my Nanny. She makes me laugh and is a super Nana Foo Foo and a super Nanny 🙂